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How did you find Curefans.com?

Started by dsanchez, January 24, 2007, 08:33:55

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How did you find Curefans.com?

Google, Yahoo, etc..
18 (31%)
A friend told me
11 (19%)
Link from other website
13 (22.4%)
Imaginary Lemurs
3 (5.2%)
1 (1.7%)
E-mail invitation from Curefans.com
4 (6.9%)
8 (13.8%)

Total Members Voted: 58


Thank you D.
It seems real quiet here but I think I will feel comfy here  :)
I will let you know if I ever have concerns. Gracias  :smth023


a friend told me.
I don't know why.


^Why does this nickname seem so familiar  :?



I was searching for Curefan Pains and then...
Where fantasy and fun come to life...