wish you a wonderfull tour !

Started by drowning, February 06, 2008, 19:41:09

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in a few days the 4tour starts in europe.
for some personal reasons i can´t be at a concert.

so i hope i can read some reviews here,
and i wish you a wonderfull concert or tour !!!
this wish is from my heart.
enjoy the cure´s live power. be happy, that you can see and hear them live,
and don´t moan that the play a boring setlist !

enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and record the shows :-)


Thanks drowning :)

I wish you all the best for your therapy. Keep my fingers crossed :)

many greetings


That's very sweet of you....
I'm sorry that you won't be able to see the boys this time around. :smth009
I'm sure you'll find reviews and images and videos here so that you'll be able to share in the excitement at least a little bit!


Best wishes to all of those going to the upcoming lives!!
esp mr ~figie!!

have an awesome time!! and I'll be thinking of you all!

'I'm in a carefully careless mess'


ps: all the best to drowning

keep the cure in your heart, very soon there will be some lives and new reviews to look forwards to :)

be well
'I'm in a carefully careless mess'


Thanks for the wishes drowning and I wish the best to you, too!

And for my side I just wish so nice pictures like this coming up! :smth023

2022.10.06 Riga
2022.10.08 Helsinki
2022.10.10 Stockholm
2022.10.12 Oslo
2022.10.14 København
2022.10.16 Hamburg


I have a thought for you during my tour drowning !!!

I hope I can make good pics with my phone !!!

All the best for you !!!


thanks to all of you for the best wishes !

if someone gets the chance to speak to robert, tell him, that next year a concert of the cure in austria would be nice, and a tour in europe 2010  would be fine too and would make me very happy :-)

and i hope the new cure album will blow us away.

so as i said, enjoy the live expierence with the cure, this is very hard for me not to be at the concerts, so eonjoy it for me :-) :lol:

i hope you all will write reviews, and someone is taping......

greetings drowning


Best wishes drowning  :D

To all of you curefans going to the concerts   have fun and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
We'll all be there with you.

Hey David don't suppose you could take that photo with you so kissy , cherry and me can say we were at the concert too??????

:smth043 :smth043
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Quote from: billee on February 07, 2008, 11:32:00
Hey David don't suppose you could take that photo with you so kissy , cherry and me can say we were at the concert too??????

:smth043 :smth043

what a fun idea... U can take mine too, David!!!   :lol:
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