Destination: Oberhausen

Started by fluorescent, February 27, 2008, 19:46:48

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Hullo to all the cures and curettes! :-D

It's such a shame I haven't come across this board earlier.

The case is, I wish to know wether any of you is taking a longer trip to Oberhausen - from outside Germany, or from the more distant parts of it. I can see no posts on this subjet at the German forum (but then my German is poor)...
I will also appreciate any kind suggestions, as it would for me the trip to the unknown! Hopefully, there will be more of us coming from Poland...

Personally, I haven't made a final decision yet.:oops: I must be mad to even think of it. I saw the Gang, I went back, and I can't sit still for all the thoughts I might never see them again!

Cheers :!: