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Started by anja, May 17, 2008, 10:31:05

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Hi! I'm 32 and i've been fan since 1987  :smth023 The Cure is a real part of my life... i still remember the first time i listened to Prayers for Rain; i thought:  "this guy writes exactly what i'm feeling" ..."and the atmosphere of his music is perfect"  :smth020
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I'm turning 37 next month and I am a Cure fan reborn.  My fanlove first grew from being introduced to them around the Head On The Door album back in 1985/'86.  I fell in with a thriving Cure community of fellow fans all through high school.  Many happy memories in my life revolve around my Cure records.  I had drifted through the forest of frustration and disinterest with the Cure camp from 2000-2005.  The last self-titled album left me feeling, for the first time, nothing.  Wasn't that impressed with it.  It felt like they had lost their way a little.  There was nothing left but 'Faith' for me, and the other older material.

I thought I had maybe moved on a little from my far-from-plastic passion for The Cure during that dark period.  Then I heard that Porl was back in the band and I watched the Festival 2005 DVD.  Oh how happy the young man inside me was when I got a glimpse of Robert, Porl and Simon back on stage again.  Harkened right back to my favorite line-up of The Cure from the mid to late '80s.  I was so inspired after that that, when the 4Tour was originally announced for the Fall of 2007, I crazily decided I would have to see this near-classic lineup back in the place where it all began for my younger self.  Feeling as giddy as a fifteen-year old fan again, I sat desperately at my computer the day the tickets went on sale for the 2007 California shows and clicked time after agonizing time on the links at the virtual ticket counter, at first seemingly in utter vain.  Then, on what would have probably been my final attempt, it happened.  Up on the monitor popped a pair of General Admission tix for the Santa Barbara show.  Pardon my French, but I nearly s**t myself.  Sure they were much more expensive than I had planned to spend at the time but I just couldn't pass 'em up.  Surprisingly it wasn't all illusion and the tickets were sent, the hotel was booked, and plane reservations were made.  Naturally, the week after I booked it all, The Cure re-scheduled the North American tour  :cry:.  Needless to say, I was not amused  :smth011.  Wait until May of 2008?!  Was Robert nuts?!!  How could people defend him.  Once again, my fanlove was sorely tested.

Well, here we are, in the waning days of May and that concert is now less than a week away.  Despite all of the sour pills I had to swallow both financially and emotionally to get to here, I know when the day rolls around, and if I make it where I need to get to whole and healthy, and I'm standing where I think I will be standing when the house lights go down and that band walks out on that stage, I know damn well I will be sporting the biggest grin (and possibly a tear in the old eye) ever.  I'm sure at that moment I will know that I am a Cure fan for life.

Can't wait.  Fingers crossed that it'll all go off as planned this time.

Hello, by the way.  I'm new here  :smth023.
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I'm 36 (just!) but when I see the Cure I feel about 16! I love seeing the age range at Cure shows--teenagers, people with grey hair, even kids sometimes. It's lovely to see.


Quote from: Plainsong on May 25, 2008, 01:19:03
I love seeing the age range at Cure shows--teenagers, people with grey hair, even kids sometimes. It's lovely to see.

I completely agree Plainsong!  There was a whole family sitting near me at the 2nd Sydney show last year - dad, mum and their two teenage kids..They were all getting right into it, especially dad (much to the horror of his teenage son.. :)).  'Twas great to see...
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I'm 35 & not for turning. I remember some doors fan in school telling me I should grow up & listen to some proper music like the doors. I almost think I still like them just to spite them. I went back to Belfast at the weekend & my 10 year old nephew was wearing a robert t-shirt & watching the greatest gits dvd. He was listening to Can at 6 mind. He would only tidy his room a while back if my sister played 'Cemetery Gates' by The Smiths, because it was in his words 'so invigorating!'


I'm 33 and I've been a fan of the Cure since 1988. I have never grew tired of them, despite the varying moods and periods of my life. My taste in music is extremely diverse, almost inhumanly diverse (from Autechre to Bauhaus, from Sixteen Horsepower to Ladytron, from Jazz Big Bands to the Romantics - Liszt, Beethoven - Dvorzak) but the Cure are a milestone in my life. I invariably get back to them, eventually. They're almost like a trustworthy good old friend, always willing to give you a hug, even if you've let him down (a bit). I can't think of a band I really love. I like way too many, bit I simply, wholeheartedly adore the Cure.
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I'm in my Bloodflowers year, about to turn 40 and I've been a fan since 1984. My first show was the Dodger stadium date on the Prayer tour in 1989. I was too young to travel for the KMKMKM dates as nothing was even within 500 miles of me for that one, but I'm making up for it now as I have the will, the passion and most of all the money and relative freedom to actually travel and see them in more than just one city. I never lost my love for the band, and it just gets worse it seems as I age. Many of my IRL friends completely do not understand my obsession, but fortunately my husband is a true fan as well and I have the wonderful Cure fans that I've met online and in person over the years. Thanks all of you for sharing the love :)


I am 41.  I first got into The Cure when a collage roommate of mine bought "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" in 1987, and he was playing it a lot.  I saw the video for "What Can't I Be You?" and I really didn't get it.  I was into the 80's metal music and some 80's pop at the time.  My alternative music was U2.  I borrowed the CD and liked "Why Can't I Be You?" and "Hot Hot Hot!!!"

It wasn't until I heard the bass line to "Fascination Street" when I saw the video on MTV that I really was like "whoa" this band is good.  I bought "Disintegration" and from there I would have that CD in my car all of the time.  I went out and bought the rest of their CD's.

I got my first chance to see them at Great Woods Amphitheater in Mansfield, MA on September 22nd, 1989 on a foggy and chilly evening.  It was the most amazing atmosphere to see The Cure.  I left that show with an even deeper appreciation for all that they had created.  Blown away in fact with their musicianship.

I have since seen them 3 more times.  Twice more in Massachusetts, once in Worcester in 1992 on the Wish tour, and again at Great Woods in 1996.  I am actually looking for both of these shows if anyone knows where I might be able to locate them I would love to know.  I recently saw them at The Shrine in LA where I now live and they just keep getting better.  How can you beat a nearly 3 hour show?  So much music for our dollar.  Thank you Robert and the boys.

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My story somewhat parallels Don's. I'm 43. I was aware of the band in '85-'87 but they never really grabbed me. I was mostly a Deadhead and into classic rock (still am). But then I saw the Fascination Street video on MTV and I was hooked. Bought Disintegration and all the singles (love those live B-sides!). I missed out on the Dodger Stadium show in '89 (I never really even recall knowing about it), but caught L.A. shows in '92 (Rose Bowl), '96 (Forum), '00 (Greek Theater), and now '08 Hollywood Bowl.


Oi you old fart Billee (LOL - if she reads this!) HUGS matey!

I'm soon to be 35, and I heard The Cure thru a pal of mine at School. She was what we called a Swampy (or a gothic, in todays lingo!! LOL) She had them on her walkman (remember them!) and it was H.H.Hot that turned me on - literally! I mean his vocals, come on ladies! How could you not want to fall in love with that. I can't even remember what year I was in when this all happened, as I was friends with her for a few years at school... I guess my memory is really bad! Mr Smith had such an unusal look to him also, that really engaged me. I guess thats why I also LOVE Marilyn Manson! Anywho... thats my story!

It's so 'cool' that there are loads of different age groups connecting thru the same band! And there is never any violence to be worried about either, so kids can go to the gigs and have a great 'safe' time!
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hi everybody!!!!!!!!! i'm 39
i'm very happy and proud to see all this!!!!!
i'm in to the cure since 1982 too.i follow them everywhere!!! everytime it's for me a big big emotion!!! i think it's impossible to say something appropriate, 'cause is not so simple to explain what you feel inside of you.
the cure is simply something very deep, and it will with us's in to your blood,in your heart,in your soul,in your head,it's part of you.
this is what i simply think about that.


I just turned 30 two days ago, so I'm technically "over 30" now.  :?


Quote from: lostflower4 on December 16, 2009, 03:40:39
I just turned 30 two days ago, so I'm technically "over 30" now.  :?

It's all downhill from here on in.
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I saw this topic the first time when I became just 30, so I thought "I'm too young for this topic  :-D)

But now I almost 32  :shock: years old, so I guess I'm UP to 30  :-D

So here I am, fan since my 14 year, but because some circumstances I saw The Cure for the first time in 2004 :rocker
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