update: my fight against cancer - or why i couldn´t see the cure this year

Started by drowning, June 04, 2008, 08:05:43

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just want to make an update on my fight against cancer:

it seems, that the war in my body is over, that i have won, and cancer lost.
in august there is the next check up, and i hope that there will be all ok,too.

so now i can look into future, and i hope, that the cure will tour europe for the new album. september in europe is perfect for touring :-)

thanks for all your wishes during my hard time !!!


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What wonderful news!
I'm sure there will be another tour, and I bet you'll hit mutiple shows this time!

Hugs from Robiola.



great news drowning, I am very happy for you, my father has just found out that he has cancer, so it is going to be a worrying few months ahead for my family, hopefully he will have the same outcome as you :smth023
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very good news. :smth023
when i was young i lost someone very close to me to this awful disease.
it's always good to read stories about people who have managed to fight back.

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I'm very happy for you!!!!! :D
I wish you all the best for your future...and hope you'll have your chance to see the cure soon! ;)

Cheers, Dalila.
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These are wonderful news drowning!!!  :smth038    :smth026
I wish you all the best :)
And i hope you can see the Cure live on stage when they will do their next tour :)
They're absolutely awesome live! ! !


Cooolllllllllllll man !!!  :smth023 :smth023 :smth023

I wish you the best for the future and many Cure shows....... ;)

...Dancing in my pocket...


Well done!
My friend was only given a 20% chance 3 years ago & he was at the wembley show with me fully fit, great to see!
Nice one.


Quote from: drowning on June 04, 2008, 08:05:43
in august there is the next check up, and i hope that there will be all ok,too.

cool news. hopefully we can meet with other curefans in Austria and go for some beers to celebrate :smth023
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I'm so happy for you drowning!!  Such great news!!  Here's to a great future!!  :smth023
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drowning nice to hear that you won the battle!  :smth041

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That's really, really great news, drowning.  :D  (Sorry I'm a bit late for posting here.)
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