2023.06.24 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center (USA)

Started by dsanchez, March 11, 2023, 20:34:47

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2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


Im new here! And since im traveling to Philadelphia for the concert is anyone else going?


Welcome to Curefans.com @Chanicurehead! Hopefully someone else from the forum will go to this too!
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo



So I didn't see this posted in broader forum so will try here since it's (date-wise) one of maybe 4 shows that works.

What is the deal with re-sale? Ticketmaster says tix aren't transferable but that there is a "face value resale." But I can't find that. Is that a real thing? And how are they making tix "non transferable" anyway? Are they matching a ticket buyer to their ID?

Sorry if dumb questions. But eager to see Bob & the gang for the first time since mid-90s

Any info appreciated.




Pictures Of You
A Fragile Thing
Kyoto Song
A Night Like This
And Nothing Is Forever
Charlotte Sometimes
Play For Today
A Forest
Shake Dog Shake
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

I Can Never Say Goodbye
It Can Never Be The Same
At Night

Six Different Ways
The Walk
Friday I'm In Love
Close To Me
Why Can't I Be You?
In Between Days
Just Like Heaven
Boys Don't Cry
Theorize and talk yourself
Until you're tired and old



QuoteWith the gift of a career-spanning 29-song, two-hour-and-45-minute set, the band's show was about generosity, even while Smith sang about alienation and deep sadness.

Now 64, Smith still sports black eyeliner, smeared red lipstick, and a scraggly shock of bedhead. Saturday night, he wore a baggy black jacket over a black David Bowie T-shirt, with "Bowie" in sequins. His voice was strong, clear, and strained as it ever was.
Theorize and talk yourself
Until you're tired and old


QuoteA 15-song first set heavy on deep tracks was bookended by two brand new ones, "Alone" and "Endsong," before a brief intermission that merely marked a halfway point. For nearly three solid hours, Smith and co. offered up their perfect dream, weaving the emo-drama and poetry of old favorites like "Pictures Of You" and "Lullaby" with far more rarely played gems like "Six Different Ways," before descending into a famed jukebox-encore of "Friday I'm In Love," "Just Like Heaven," and "Boys Don't Cry."

And by the way, the latter was referenced brilliantly by graphic artist Matthew Jacobson for a Philly-date tour poster stylized as a Rocky film promo featuring Robert Smith replacing Stallone at the top of the Art Museum steps, overlooking the Parkway – all washed in hues of Flyers' orange.
Theorize and talk yourself
Until you're tired and old