Author Topic: Amazon will give me a refund!... of £0.01  (Read 1450 times)

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Amazon will give me a refund!... of £0.01
« on: November 11, 2014, 19:04:04 »
I bought Pink Floyd's Endless River on pre-sale and Amazon stated that if on the final sale the record was cheaper, they would refund me back the difference. And indeed it happened. The record is slightly cheaper, and Amazon will refund me the difference, which is... £0.01:lol:

Below the mail I've got. Thought I would share this funny thing with you...

Dear Customer,

Greetings from

We are writing to confirm that we are processing your refund in the amount of £0.01 for your Order XXX-XXXXXXX

This amount has been credited to your payment method and will appear when your bank has processed it.

This refund is for the following item(s):

Item: The Endless River
Quantity: 1
Reason for refund: Pre-order price protection

The following is the breakdown of your refund for this item:

Item Refund: £0.01

Your refund is being credited as follows:

Visa Credit Card [expiring on X/XXXX]: £0.01

These amounts will be returned to your payment methods within 5 business days.

Have an issue with your refund, or a question about our refund policy?
Visit our Help section for more information:

Please note: The credit note for this transaction is attached to this e-mail and to open, you will need Adobe Reader. If you do not have an Adobe Reader, please visit the following link to download it:

This credit note is the detailed breakdown of the refund showing the item(s), delivery costs and associated VAT for each item. This credit note is largely applicable to business customers who should retain it for accounting purposes. It’s not possible to redeem or use the credit note number from this credit note towards an order. Visit our Help pages for more information on refunds.

Thank you for shopping at

Sincerely, Customer Service

Note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only e-mail address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

An advanced electronic signature has been attached to this electronic credit note. To add the certificate as a trusted certificate, please follow these instructions:
1. Click on the 'Signature Panel' in the upper right corner
2. Expand the drop-down in the newly opened Signatures menu, expand the 'Signature Details' drop-down and click 'Certificate Details'
3. In the Certificate Viewer box click on the 'Trust' tab, click 'Add To Trusted Certificates' and then click OK
4. In the Import Contact Settings box, ensure that 'Use this certificate as a trusted root' is selected, click OK, and then click OK again
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