What floor speakers do you have?

Started by dsanchez, December 26, 2010, 11:59:13

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Hello guys

I'm about to buy a new floor speakers but I have limited budget. I found this nice Bose 301 Floor Speakers and it cost US$ 295, which is about € 224. However, I can't buy those because they can't send it from the US to Europe. In Europe, the same speakers cost more than € 300 :?

What speakers do you use? As I said, I would like Infinity, JBL or Bose but if you have other recommendations let me know  :smth023
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We have Yamaha speakers, very good ones, All I can say ... If you want to know more, ask my HB :lol:
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klipsch rf35    about €  1300 years ago   
very clean sound and a bass that could my building explode!!!
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