What are your Cure hopes for 2021?

Started by dsanchez, December 25, 2020, 20:17:58

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We were very wrong for our hopes in the year that is ending, so I will have lower expectations for 2021:

- New Cure album
- A few concerts in Europe announced
- Cured goes to theatres

What about yours?
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Vaccinated, concerts and meeting back up with all you lovely people :)
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...I was looking for one that said, "If all else fails, lower your expectations!" but this was suitable too.  :angel
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Not all were so wrong. Here are a few quotes from 2015. I take it with humor and say: "I expect miracles in 2021". 😜

Quote from: dsanchezI also think 4:14 Scream will be finally released this year
(it's now or never, I suppose)

Quote from: cheylerCan't see 4:14 Scream (or whatever) getting released ever either,
unless The Cure puts together a mail-order 'archive' service (...)
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My hope is that the band all stay safe and well, and hopefully the vaccine proves safe and effective and is rolled-out to all, regardless of what part of the world one lives in or how much money one has.

I have no specific hopes regarding output from the band, and touring should  hopefully be off the table until it's completely safe to do so.. sad but necessary.  The recent RS home concerts were a real treat though. How great was the Faith session!
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Remastered Deluxe Box set of Wish!!!

And to finally hear Boys Don't Cry (Resung & Club Mixed February 86) 2.39 edit!

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I think I can now safely register a hope, since it seems that The Cure will indeed be releasing an album or two in the short to medium term future, unless civilisation collapses first.

So here it is: I officially hope that there will be no millennial whooping on the upcoming "lighter" album. (There won't be any on the "darker" album because that's just not cricket.)

What is millennial whooping?

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Even U2 have been at it. Aaaaarghhhhh!  :P

I don't think The Cure have ever engaged in millennial whooping, but if I missed it (or have traumatic amnesia) please let me know.
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Quote from: OWEI on January 02, 2021, 14:01:09Remastered Deluxe Box set of Wish!!!

And to finally hear [b]Boys Don't Cry (Resung & Club Mixed February 86) 2.39 edit[/b]!

I STILL haven't heard this!!!
Love the RM of Wish, though.