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Title: 'Seaside Skeletons' (sequel to 'The Caterpillar Girl') by Adam Longden
Post by: dsanchez on August 19, 2019, 22:25:41
From the author: "There are several passages and references to the band in both books, including mix tapes with The Cure songs on them, because I have loved the band my whole life - hence the title 'The Caterpillar Girl' after the song, 'The Caterpillar' - one of my absolute favourites! There are also chapter titles such as 'In-between Days'"

Some passages:

QuoteHe'd listened to his tape over and over again, and already knew most of the songs by heart. His favourite so far was 'The Caterpillar' by The Cure; it summed up exactly how he felt about Daisy, and described her to a tee."

QuoteAfter unpicking the last strip of tape, Daisy unrolled the poster. Instantly, she knew what it was, and her eyes lit up. She'd been wanting it for ages - a 'Boy's Don't Cry' poster by The Cure; iconic and quite apt really, considering all the crying she'd been doing that morning...