Perry Bamonte's Devon country house for sale

Started by dsanchez, May 11, 2019, 13:10:09

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Perry is selling his house as per an article published in The Telegraph:

If you're interested in buying it, it just costs  £ 1.15 million :)

Update: the house has been sold.

(Photo: Perry and his wide Donna)

Here are some highlights of the article unrelated to house's sale:

Quote from: undefinedPerry Bamonte joined the band in 1990, first as a gofer running odd jobs before briefly playing the keyboards and then moving to the bass guitar; he remained with the band until he left in 2005. "I wasn't fired as is reported on the internet, and we're still good friends," he's keen to underline.

Quote from: undefinedHe [Perry] had no formal musical training, and says his later success as a musician was more a case of being in the right place at the right time. "I went to a secondary modern with very little music on the curriculum, but was fortunate to hit 16 or 17 just when punk rock happened. It was an amazing time: there was an explosion of talent and ideas – it was an art movement – and you didn't need to be that talented as a musician to play in a band."

Quote from: undefinedWhile the original 18th-century manor house was demolished in 1931, the 10ft-high boundary wall still stands, granting the house considerable privacy. "Not that I came here to escape the paparazzi," says Bamonte. "One of the benefits of being a member of The Cure is that everyone knows Robert Smith, but the rest of us had near total anonymity."
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