'The Cure Anniversary 1978-2018: Live in Hyde Park' will hit cinemas this summer

Started by dsanchez, May 04, 2019, 11:21:00

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Quote from: Ulrich on October 25, 2019, 17:11:16I haven't got it yet (hadn't pre-ordered), but I will look for it in a shop very soon. If that fails (or it seems to expensive), there's still the Xmas list to put it on.  :cool

Another advantage of making it a Christmas thing is that this will give plenty to chew on just in case one is still waiting for the new album to be released.   :angel  :beaming-face  :winking_tongue
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Well, coincidentally I received a promotional e-mail from amazon (German branch) telling me that the blu-ray (not sure how many discs) should be around 20 euro, which sounds okay-ish, so I might go and get it next week.
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Well, I've realised we have 2 topics, one about the movie (Hyde Park) and another about the dvd/blu release, but never mind... I'll post this in here, because the "Anniversary" Hyde Park disc was the one I watched first.

So I finally got round to catching up with those of you who were actually there! (At least a little bit...)
Made me think of you down there in this big crowd. (Yes, you!)  ;)

First of all: Tim Pope did a good job with this film (as you'd expect from him). :cool
My expectations weren't too high (to be honest), after all it's "only" a greatest hits kind of set at a huge outdoor location. But: I really enjoyed it a lot! It was good to hear these songs - one "trick" of me was to not look at the back of the dvd package, so I would be at least a little surprised about the setlist! And it worked too. :)

The "persona" Robert Smith puts across on stage is still impressive to me (as it was back in the day). The way he plays his guitar(s) and sings the songs - he even talks a bit (got to admit: I didn't understand it all, just as if I were there at the show...)!  :happy
The band did a great job of playing the songs, didn't they? Simon is the backbone with his bass playing (and the way he runs around the stage). Can't say anything bad about Jason's drumming - solid. Roger on keys is of course an asset to this band, as is "guitar hero" Reeves with his calming presence.
Only two songs didn't really "click" for me in this anniversary gig: Fascination Street & Never Enough. (Don't get me wrong, normally I like these two, but here something seemed to be missing... nothing too serious though...)

While watching, I had a few beers, which (I guess) made me enjoy it even more (don't try this at home, kids); thus it was a fun evening (best Monday night in a long time).  :cool

It was (is) a glorious celebration of a 40-year-long career. Glad to be able to watch this movie.
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A mate phoned me to wish a happy new year etc., he informed that he saw The Cure @ Hyde Park yesterday on tv (3sat), however I asked about the length and he said "1 hour", i.e. they edited it.

I checked and it's available online until 14/2 (good for those who still haven't got the dvd/blu):
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The Cure informs via FB:

QuoteFRANCE ! Our 40th Anniversary Concert live in Hyde Park will be hitting your CGR and Kinepolis cinemas on August 9th and August 12th.
Get your tickets now at https://www.cgrcinemas.fr/cine-music-festival/ and https://kinepolis.fr/cine-music-festival
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