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Where do you live?

Started by dsanchez, January 11, 2006, 16:39:27

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Where are you from?

77 (65.3%)
North America
29 (24.6%)
Central America
0 (0%)
South America
8 (6.8%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
4 (3.4%)

Total Members Voted: 95


Quote from: ROGUE on September 14, 2007, 17:02:31
:rocker 'Far Far'~ still love your holiday house- I would love to live like that !!

Me- Australia, Melbourne, Vic.     ~Would share some pic's of home- but my old computer died few days ago, so they are all in there, I have one posted in the gallery, while i was on holiday in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.- but yes thats a whole other story.

So many people from all over the world, I love that  :smth023

yeah i think this is a good ideas...share photos.... :smth023
please come here...i can bring all the curefans mamber to this house....all of us can go to sarawak and sabah (malaysia borneo) will impress with this house....teurt me... :D :rocker
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Carnage Visor

I'm white-bread american...half in Illinois.

I write like I am foreign though...I don't know what it is but for some reason my writing comes across as being a bit iffy...perhaps it's the way I use words. I like it, nonetheless.

Oh yeah...and for the record (whoever is keeping track) I am 15 years young and a boy.

WAIT! Didn't I already do this before? Anyway, welcome newbies.

Cure Freak


Montréal, Québec, Cacanada! :rocker

Yanna Sometimes

Me lives in Ontario, Canada. WEEEEE. :P
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Greetings from Brazil.  :-D  I live in Rio. The Cure only played here twice and I went to both concerts. Now wishing they'll come back again......  :smth020

mint car

I live in Heart of Europe :)
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Hometown: Baltimore, MD (no, it's not really like the Wire  :oops:).

I miss living in England sometimes :(
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Well, I live in shity Moldova (MD). Really, I hate this country. Here so stupid rules & shit police. 2 days ago 8 guys had beat me unmercifylly. And police even don't react on it.
Its between Romania & Ukrain. Well, everything is too bad here, really.
I hope in 1 year I'll move to England after I finish 9th class here. :smth023
And I hope I'll meet there many cure-fans from here! :D
and the way the rain comes down thats how I feel inside...

Charlotte Red

From Scotland but living in London for the moment...sob...


Guadalajara, México ( :smth030 ) Tequiland!
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Quote from: rubcure on August 25, 2008, 16:02:45
Guadalajara, México ( :smth030 ) Tequiland!

I live near TJ... (Mexico)


Adelaide, Australia... there's a lot of Australians on here it seems.  :smth023

mint car

I live in town called Pezinok... here is a few photos  ;)
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