Petitions = waste of time?

Started by dsanchez, May 09, 2006, 17:01:32

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There have been petitions for The Cure to release the Wembley 89 gig and also for playing in Japan, etc etc etc. The fact is that it depends of the band itself and the record company to release any material and it depends of the agents to book and cover artist expenses to organize a gig. So don't take it bad, but I do think petitions are waste of time in these matters (music business). Petitions will NOT make a band to release an album, neither to come to our countries. :(

Just an example



2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo

Tristan Berlin

I totally agree with you David. I don't think that this is working. But maybe it supports the hope of people.  :wink:


but there was a petition in the past which was successful: in 1992 the australian fans wanted them to play in australia and they've made it.


and prague in 1990.   robert thanks all that signed the petition to get them to play there during the encore.


It takes about 5 seconds to sign a petition. It takes more time to complain about them! :lol:


To have an opinion on the direction of the cure or the releases is something you would want to share with someone. Yes, the petitions won?t do any good. Well, my wishes (just wishes) regarding cure are

- caroline crawley (or is it williams nowadays?) of shelleyan orphan to join the cure as a full time background singer
- boris williams back to cure
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