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Started by Dillinger, April 16, 2007, 01:46:02

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i think everyone should use the tag feature more. it has potential to be a fantastic tool but sometimes it feels like im the only one who uses it. it will help future members and when the activity picks up with a new album. you'll be thanking me later  ;)


Tagging is a new concept and I'm proud is among the few music forums (in the world) adopting this system. Tagging allows you the clasify the topic you're creating with your own keywords (which allows everyone else to find easily such topic, and allows to see what topics the people is more interested to talk about).

For instance, if I publish the bootleg "1990.06.23 Pilton" for download, I could add the following tags when creating my topic:

1990, pilton, england, glanstonbury festival, festival

It's recommened to add tags or keywords in lowcase. The more tags used, the bigger letters you can find in our tag cloud

I hope people who create new topics in will use this feature  :D

Thanks Connor for waking up everybody  :smth023
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I'm always happy to see tags. I love tags...

I could rant and rant and gush about tags/"faceted" organization of information and how amazing they are, but I won't...