The Cure Wish 30th Anniversary Edition (Vinyl) giveaway!

Started by admin, November 10, 2022, 23:21:42

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To celebrate Robert Smith's recent retweet from one of our posts on Twitter, we would like to giveaway a copy of The Cure Wish 30th Anniversary Edition in vinyl!

Please see below the rules to participate and win. Good luck!


Members of CUREFANS.COM or followers of @curefans on Twitter are eligible to participate in the contest
The winner must be resident/have an address where to ship the prize in any country of North America, South America, Central America or Europe

How to win

First stage

CUREFANS.COM members may reply to this topic answering the question "What's so special about The Cure?". The author whose post has the most likes will enter the final round to win the prize. In case of a tie, the person who first published the post will make it to the next round.

Followers of @curefans on Twitter must retweet, like and reply to the question "What's so special about The Cure?" included in this tweet. The author whose reply has the most likes will enter the final round to win the prize. In case of a tie, the person who first published the reply will be the winner

Participants will have until 15th November 20:00 CET to send their answers. The finalists will be announced on 15th November by 22:00 CET.

In case there are no participants on CUREFANS.COM the finalist of Twitter will be automatically declared winner. The opposite applies.

Final round

The answers from the two finalists (one from CUREFANS.COM and other from a @curefans follower on Twitter) will be published in a poll on @curefans on Twitter. The poll will be open for 3 days (from the moment the finalists are announced) and the answer with most votes will decide the winner.


The winner will be announced after the poll ends and he/she will be contacted shortly afterwards.


People creating fake accounts to give themselves more likes will be automatically disqualified of the contest.

Good luck!

Jojo denovan

What's  so special about the Cure ?
Well to begin with the amazing songs and Lyrics and Musicianship of the current band
They are playing at such an amazing level
The Front man Robert Smith is iconic
As  is the bass player Simon Gallup
They also have virtuoso guitarist Reeves Gabrels as well as brilliant drummer Jason  cooper keyboards by Roger O' Donnell
And the very popular  Perry Bamonte reecently returned
Their Shows in the past have been legendary lasting in excess of three hours
Although on this current tour are averaging 2hours 30 minutes
And what is special apart from all this that they make the fan  identify  with something in them I know a lot of friends who have at times been isolated Cure fans and are not understood by people in general why they would want to go and see them more than once and travel to different countries
The reason for this is not only are the band special but so are the fans
And they love meeting like minded people over the last 32 years since I done my first international trip to see the  in Belgium
I have met lots and lots of very friendly people from all over the world that are part of my cure family
After the 2016 tour and the three nights at Wembley areana there were about 2-300 people going back to pub socialising and singing and we were high on seeing the cure
My cousin whom I sent a video said he had never heard of fans of bands doing this
I said well they are not cure fans it's who we are
This year I turned 60 no big party for me my treat to my self is seeing the CURE as much as I can
Although sometimes life can make me feel confused there's one thing  I'm Not Mixed up about
Is no matter how many Times I get to see the Cure
It really is Never enough


It's so hard to describe why the cure are so special to me.
Whenever I listen to their music I feel like I'm in another world.
Everything about their music is perfect, you can feel their emotions, their thoughts, it makes you feel closer to them and feel a kind of connection.
I feel understood and less alone.
There's a song that captures every way i might feel.
They don't play FOR you but WITH you.
There are so many things I can say about them, but i think that their music speaks for itself.


Several things make The Cure special. First you have to name the music. Not many artists have a light-hearted and dark side that comes through in equal measure. Then there is the atmosphere at the concerts, which can be described as family. And then there's the fact that, from a financial point of view, The Cure don't need to record new albums or go on tour. I think Robert sees the big picture. That also makes him special. Last but not least, all current and former members of The Cure have remained human, with their strengths and weaknesses. So they're not 'taken off', which many people can identify with. All of this seen over the course of decades makes The Cure truly exceptional artists.
Il y a, en Russie, une unité d'aspiration sans ana-
logue en Europe, cette force invincible du peuple
jeune, en croissance, qui lui assure la prochaine
hégémonie: mais le caractère russe, plus ingénu
qu'aucun autre, n'a point de défense contre les poi-
sons de la philosophie allemande. (J. Péladan)


The first round is over!

@Jojo denovan and @reb both obtained 4 likes, however, since Jojo posted first his answer, he goes to the final!

Congratulations to you both and @MeltingMan for sending your answers! :)
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


@Jojo denovan's answer will now compete against the other finalist on Twitter for the prize. A poll will be opened for three days on Twitter and the most voted answer will automatically win!
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


The poll is now created and will be opened until Friday! Good luck!
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


Quote from: dsanchez on November 15, 2022, 20:03:11@Jojo denovan's answer will now compete against the other finalist on Twitter for the prize. A poll will be opened for three days on Twitter and the most voted answer will automatically win!

I thought you were going to announce the finalists at 22:00?


The contest closed 20:00 CET and results were going to be published by 22:00 CET but I had time to do it sooner. Apologies if this was not clear. However It's exactly 22:00 and likes are unchanged - 6 votes each so first post still makes it to the final.You cannot view this attachment.
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


With 8 hours remaining the poll results are as follows:

314 votes

Answer # 1 from @disintegrstion on Twitter, has 72% of votes

Answer # 2 from @Jojo denovan , has 28%

2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


Noe (@disintegrstion on Twitter) wins The Cure Wish 30th Anniversary Edition (Vinyl) giveaway!

She got 72.1% of votes (from 319 casted). Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this :)
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo