Curepedia - an A-Z of The Cure (book by Simon Price)

Started by Ulrich, January 20, 2023, 11:34:37

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Coming in September 2023 is a new book (an A-Z of The Cure):

QuoteThe book is an encyclopaedic A-Z of The Cure examining and riffing on miscellaneous trivia, biographies of the band members past and present, summaries of each album and selected songs, details of the band's various tours and films, and essays on broader topics such as their image, their politics and their influences.
In an instant I remembered... everything!


QuoteVella has since gone on to design for other acts including Primal Scream, St. Vincent, and Mogwai. But it's his work with the Cure that remains most deeply entwined with the group (and collected by the MoMA)—so much so that Vella was most recently tapped to design the deluxe edition of Simon Price's upcoming book, Curepedia: An A-Z of The Cure, due out in November. 
In an instant I remembered... everything!


'Curepedia' is out today!

And CUREFANS.COM got a mention!

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