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Something else / Re: Russia attacks Ukraine
Last post by MeltingMan - Today at 18:33:41
These "special trains" to Kiev make me curious. The German Economic Minister was there recently - his second trip after a year. On the interior shots of the first trip you can see that there is also a conference wagon where he meets with his delegation. The occasion may be complicated and/or sad, I am so pleased that German politicians are so welcome. Thanks! ❤️
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You already sent a message to me, so I won't need to start with that. :happy

Btw, I moved this topic to here where it fits better, hope you don't mind.
Other Artists / Re: Favourite bands besides Th...
Last post by Ulrich - Today at 09:21:26
Quote from: Curehead_steffa on Today at 02:14:48I consider the cure it's own genre to be honest

Very true, you can't "pin down" The Cure to just one genre. (They may have started out with "post-punk" or "new wave" & a bit of "goth", but soon "pop" and "psychedelia" were part of the whole mix too...)
Music and Lyrics / Re: The Cure music in movies
Last post by Ulrich - Today at 09:19:12
Quote from: Curehead_steffa on Today at 02:03:22I really love the song "burn" that's used as a soundtrack in the movie "the crow"

Yeah, I bought the soundtrack cd about 30 years ago!

The band started playing the song live a number of years ago (it's also on the "40 Live" dvd).
Unconfirmed news and rumours / Re: Cure movie??
Last post by Ulrich - Today at 09:14:26
Quote from: Curehead_steffa on Today at 02:25:50if it was made into a movie I would definitely watch it but barely any people I know listen to the cure.

Lots of people listen to the Cure. (Look at the millions the latest tour grossed.)

The trouble with the movie is: the storyline (a group recording albums & one member falling to pieces due to alcohol etc. isn't that "sensational", wonder who'd watch this?) and the actors (if they won't look "authentic" I wouldn't wanna watch it)!
Music and Lyrics / Re: Best of: Disintegration
Last post by Curehead_steffa - Today at 05:15:05
Honestly tho, we can all pick favorites from our own personal taste but we can all atleast agree that all the songs on disintergration are absolutely beautiful and perfect in their own way,I love the cure so much for this perfect astonishing album!!
Music and Lyrics / Re: Best of: Disintegration
Last post by Curehead_steffa - Today at 05:12:43
FASCINATION STREETTT!!! I just love how seducing it is. I can never get tired of Robert's whiny voice and the beats and the keyboard and the way it all ties up together. Especially that high pitched sound,it's like no other song I've ever heard before,totally unique, typical of cure songs,but fascination really gets me. It's so well wrote and played and sung I just love it so much, I can never get bored of it!
So I've noticed that this website is really old and so most of these accounts are dead :P but fortunately some are still active! So these are for them. I'm looking for cure friends and people to chat about the cure about, I'm sure some are looking for the same, so if you wanna be friends send a message! Hopefully this website can relive again!!💗💗(also looking for friends on other platforms not just on here so..)
I realllyyy really hope that they can tour and come here where I am. Especially with that new album coming I hope they start a tour,I really want to see them more than anything in the world. I hope it wasn't their last tour. Though Robert said as long as they're all healthy they will continue to play so I hope I can see them atleast once in my life!