The Cure Fan happening in Berlin 20th April 07

Started by wilco, April 11, 2007, 11:56:44

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The strangest night ever!

The fifth official The Cure Party in Berlin.

It is that time of year again: the night of the year for everyone who loves The Cure is approaching â€" A Strange Night V! The 20th April, the night before the 48th birthday of The Cure´s frontman Robert Smith is a ”mandatory attendance” event for all The Cure fans.
It will be a double celebration. First, The Cure´s latest DVD „Festival 2005“ will be shown on the big screen in Central Kino from 8 pm onwards, thus excellently getting you into the mood for the evening. Thereafter, everyone who wants to celebrate the group’s sound, the look and the way of lifewill gather in the Thule Klub in Thulestrasse 1 in Berlin’s district of Prenzlauer Berg. The Cure-experts Wilco and DJ Ørløg will - as usual â€" be delivering the music … and they shall dig deeply into their record crates to bring you some excellent floor-fillers: not only the common but unavoidable hits, but also real rarities â€" b-sides, remixes, classic cover-versions and songs from side-projects.
The birthday spirit will be endowed by a free glass of sparkling wine and our already traditional gift â€" fabulous buttons, especially produced for the Strange Night V… and highly wanted items for any true Cure-fan. And for those that love the children of the night: there will be hundreds of perfectly styled Cure fans. “If you are not here, you are no real Cure-fan”… this quote from a regular guest of A Strange Night brings it to the point: The 20th of April should be marked in red in your calendar.

P.S.: The party is a good reason to visit Berlin.

Here are the links to Easy Jet & Ryan Air ;-)

Where to sleep after the party?

Have a look at, or use our contact form for a individual request.

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