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No confirmed release date yet, right? I am so excited for this documentary, Pope + Robert = perfect work for sure!  :)
News from reliable sources / Re: Simon on "Beauty in chaos" album
« Last post by Ulrich on Today at 09:55:24 »
Thanks for joining us here and sharing all this info with us!!
I guess more "official" is not possible.  ;)
Hey all,

100% confirmed ... as BEAUTY IN CHAOS is my project .

Simon was gracious enough to play bass on a track called ‘man of faith’ written by myself and Wayne Hussey.  Even though they have know each other for years, and WH has joined The Cure on stage before ... this is the first time they will appear on a song together .

We hope to have the album ‘finding beauty in chaos’ competed and out mid to late summer

Please check out our website for info for who else is involved in this audio assemblage that i am blessed to be the curator of!  There is also a short sample of man of faith up .. and you can here Simon’s signature bass line.

Michael Ciravolo ⚜️
Other Artists / Re: Currently Listening to
« Last post by chemicaloverload on Today at 00:16:37 »
I've had 'classical music for reading' on repeat for the last three hours and the lute playing Jordi Savall and Rolf Lislevand keeps cropping up, driving me to despair while I despair over a contract, I'm erasing it with Anything by the Damned....sacrifice my soul for anything....because anything is better than this...couldn't be more apt.   
Other Artists / Re: Currently Listening to
« Last post by A Strange Girl on March 16, 2018, 18:51:00 »
Seven by Sunny Day Real Estate (if you don't know this band, check it out)

Something else / Re: What's On Your Mind Atm??
« Last post by A Strange Girl on March 16, 2018, 17:45:32 »
Almost done with work and on my mind there is a new seafood restaurant I'm going to try this evening...Yummi, can't wait!  ;)
Other Artists / Re: Currently Listening to
« Last post by Ulrich on March 16, 2018, 16:08:03 »
"Do we choose who we love? Is it up to us? Does anyone know?"

Albums and songs / Re: The Cure song similar to a New Order song
« Last post by Ulrich on March 16, 2018, 09:49:04 »
Yeah, Blue Monday may have a similar back beat, but the song is different from The Walk!

I don’t know, I sometimes think we as humans, we see something, listen to something and it becomes ingrained in the unconscious and we make things that we think are original at that time. I don’t think its borrowing or theft, it’s infuence.

Yeah, that is correct. Music does not exist without "influences", most musicians copy someone before they start "their own thing".
In folk music, it used to be "normal" to take old songs and put new words to them etc.
but I don't think New Order really coppied The Cure

it was actually the other way around if you see the video I posted :D

 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
I love both bands so much (both in my top 6 bands) but I don't think New Order really coppied The Cure. Yes in some of there songs there are similar beats, riffs, licks etc but thats no copying. Smilar stuff thou so they must have been kinda like, inspired or something. Ik The Cure n New Order are friends n stuff. ❤️❤️

I agree, sometimes there can be similarities but nobody is a copycat here...I would call it inspiration instead or simply coincidence: many 80s post-punk bands tend to sound similar. Regarding the case of The Walk and Blue Monday, maybe it's just me but I think they sound nothing alike!

It's not just you mate, I agree they sound nothing alike at all. :)
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