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New feature: Gallery

Started by dsanchez, March 23, 2007, 15:56:29

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A community always have to offer new services to their members, and if this community it's about The Cure, and The Cure is going to give several gigs in this year, well,

why don't you share the pictures you will take in those gigs with us?  :)

Because of that, we have decided to install a Gallery in It's in beta fase still, so will need some adjustments, but we are sure you will like it. But not only pictures about Cure concerts could be published. Meeting of members, and similar will be welcome too.

Take a look to

It's in beta fase still, so we don't expect you to be so impressed. However, this will be definitely great. Later we will write down instructions about how to upload pictures and more.  :smth023
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To upload a photo(s) in the Gallery follow these steps:

1) Go to our Gallery (clic on the Gallery link on the menu above)

2) Choose the album where you want to add the photo(s). At this moment, we have 3 albums created:

-The Cure Shows: inside this it's a sub-album "2007 shows", for uploading pictures about the Cure shows in this year

-Pictures of you: photos about you, or related

-Other Cure stuff: for example any Cure stuff you find in your city..or...

(you always can suggest us to create new albums:

3) Once you choosed the album where you want to add the photo, select the option "Add item" from the drop-down menu "Album actions"

4) You can upload 5 photos at a time. Try to upload pictures not bigger than 1256px width, so you can make it faster.

That's all!...I hope you will use the gallery, specially to share with us photos of Cure concerts you will see this year :)

2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo