Portland OR 05-28-16

Started by cheyler, April 03, 2016, 22:44:15

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Just as Seattle was not Seattle, Portland is not Portland.  It's actually in Richfield Washington at another venue in the middle of nowhere with one lane in and one lane out to the freeway...for 7500 cars.  I haven't been paying attention to any Cure sites or information for the last few months so found out too late, it's as good as sold out, a few tickets left for the 'lawn' which is over a football field away from the stage.  I wouldn't have gone anyway, considering the hours it will take to get in and the hours it will take to get out.  Too old and my arthritis would make this whole venture a living hell.  I'm glad they tried to (I don't want to say 'make up for' 'cause they didn't do anything wrong...) accommodate the fans that either couldn't make it to or couldn't afford the festival date in George WA.  Not sure why a suitable venue couldn't be found in either Seattle or Portland.  It's really only an in-city arena date that I can make these days, and all I'm really interested in.  Looks like my days of seeing more 'popular' bands are over.  Still, Buzzcocks in a tiny club in downtown Seattle will go a LONG way toward eliminating my disappointment over not seeing The Cure on what will most surely be their final (semi-)local show.