Simon Gallup no longer in The Cure? (False)

Started by dsanchez, August 14, 2021, 22:43:22

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He is back

. & -

And now just waiting for the real news (album announcement)
'Is It Always Like This?'


Quote from: dsanchez on October 18, 2021, 17:35:41
Quote from: SueC on October 18, 2021, 16:05:53They also haven't confirmed anyone else is in the band.  :angel

No need to troll @SueC :)

Interesting definition of trolling. I think being accused of trolling when you're not is a form of trolling. I also think making over-extended generalisations that misrepresent some of the people present in this discussion is a form of trolling.

I don't think pointing out something obvious and pertaining to the logic of the discussion is trolling. I was playing the ball - contributing to/critiquing the arguments - while you're crossing over into playing the persons, myself included - first by misrepresenting them, and then by suggesting I am a troll. Not a way to treat a keen contributor to this forum who cares about the people present, yourself included. I think you owe me an apology.

You're welcome to your opinions, as is everyone. But crossing the line like this is not OK.

You've accused me of trolling before when I pointed out that tennis player Taylor Fritz could be made up to look like a young Robert Smith, when you asked us who we thought could play the young RS in a movie. I thought that was incredible too. You didn't like my answer, for whatever reason, and therefore I was a troll...

SueC is time travelling


A definition of "trolling":
Quotethe act of leaving an insulting message on the internet in order to annoy someone

As mentioned further above, I don't see it here, as it was a reply to an on-topic comment.

I think it's best to close this topic now, until any official statement will come (and maybe this will never happen).
It doesn't touch me at all...