(April Fools joke:) New album, old members return, world tour!

Started by Ulrich, April 01, 2015, 11:55:18

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From a semi-reliable source (which can not be named at this point in time):
Lol Tolhurst to rejoin the band.
New album out late 2015.
World tour to follow - they will perform all the b-sides from "jointhedots" plus more!  :o

A spokesman from Fiction Records said "we are all looking forward with excitement".
Too many secrets, too many lies...


and we close our eyes to sleep
to dream a boy and girl
who dream the world is nothing but a dream


Quote from: Matti on April 01, 2015, 15:21:18
A pretty reliable info at last!

Anyone who's still in doubt: just look at the date!   :lol:
Too many secrets, too many lies...


2022.10.06 Riga
2022.10.08 Helsinki
2022.10.10 Stockholm
2022.10.12 Oslo
2022.10.14 KĂžbenhavn
2022.10.16 Hamburg


The forum seemed so quiet, so I had this idea...
Sadly none of it is true, but there's still hope for some new stuff.

Guess we can close this April Fool's joke now?
Too many secrets, too many lies...