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Started by dsanchez, August 01, 2023, 12:18:10

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Our recent tweet had such an engagement that I decided to compile below the different shoe models wore by Robert Smith in the past, and related discussions we had in this forum about this important topic. This is what we know so far:

The Top/The Head On The Door/KMKMKM (1984-1987)
Hi-Tec 'League' (white)?

Disintegration/Wish (1989-1992)
Customized Hi-Tech 'League' painted in black. This model is no longer available. These are the iconic boots Robert wore during the 'Friday I'm In Love' video

4:13 Dream (2007-2009)
New Rock Ankle Boot Black Tower with laces M-106-S1 this model is still available. Discussed previously here

Shows of The Lost World (2022 to date)
Bunker Boots - Unknown model

Notes: Robert also confirmed he wore Reebok Blacktop's though we don't have the exact period where he wore these, but most likely mid 90's?
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