2008.06.21 New York- Radio City Music Hall (USA) *SOLD OUT*

Started by j, January 23, 2008, 02:46:30

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Cure Freak

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Quote from: Cure Freak on June 23, 2008, 13:33:32
that is so sweet you named your daughter Elise. so sorry it brought back such emotional time in your life. but you are so fortunate that she is with you, physically now.
i would of broke down, if they had played ABINK, at my concert. most of you know the reason why so i won't go into here.

but i find it so fasinating, how The Cure songs can effect us, in so many ways.

:smth049 :smth049 :smth049 :smth049  undertand, CF..

:smth056 :smth051

thank you for sharing the lovely photos, sullen and olivier.


Thanks very much for the great photos sullen and olivier!! 
And to everyone who was there - thanks for sharing your experiences....soooo jealous right now...
The further we go, and older we grow, the more we know the less we show


Thank you very much olivier and sullen for the wonderful pictures :)

Thank you very much mint car for the link :)
It's a great video!!


I finally got a chance to get on here today!  Great pictures, sullen, oliver and the video mint car!  :smth023  That must have been so cool to have seen Robert up in the balcony!  Bruce Willis in the audience, who know he was a Cure fan. That must have been one Awesome Show.  Forever at the end  :smth020  Damn I wish the tour would go on Forever.   I almost went to this show & now I'm regretting that I didn't.   :cry:


Just added a couple of pics to the concert gallery... more to come later

Mad Bob RJS

Please, anyone has the lyrics for Forever @ RCMH ?  :smth100

Thanxs in advance.

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I didn't notice this until last night.
Two shots with a tear dripping from his eye.
This was halfway through POY @ RCMH

Just blows me away that a man can get this much into his music on stage.

Veiw these full size for greater detail of it:

These are the better quality shots of it (though tear is not as clear)