2007.08.14 Auckland - Vector Arena (New Zealand)

Started by psychophysio, July 05, 2007, 07:39:48

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Quote from: rybian on August 14, 2007, 22:10:05
Quote from: psychophysio on August 14, 2007, 13:59:25
Great show!  :rocker
No recording - too loud for my machine so no go. I danced and sang too much for it to have been any good either...


I recorded the whole show - Iriver H320/Giant Squid mics with a 9volt battery box.Recorded from the back of the floor near the mixing desk.Keep checking my site over the next few days for it to be posted www.kiwiconcerts.blogspot.com

I'm waiting a day or so for my ears to recover before I give it a serious listen and see what tweaking needs to be done but have given parts of it a quick play to check i have the whole show.The bass and kick drum sound was massive where I was and while Bob's voice is very clear there is some clipping on parts in the low end due to the aforementioned bass. I have heard a lot worse in the past to be honest and believe i can clean this up to a pretty acceptable level.

Sweet! My left ear especially is still ringing - I was on Porl's side about half way back with some good dancing space. Will keep and eye out!


My review of last night:

This was my 4th Cure show (Auckland 92, Earl's Court 96, Wembley Arena 2000) and definitely the most fun of the lot. Songs I wanted to hear were The Kiss, Disintegration and one hundred years, and I got my wishes. First time at Vector Arena too and thought it was pretty good - kinda like a slightly smaller Wembley Arena although capacity is supposedly 12000. Last night was close to a sell-out but there was plenty of dancing space to be had in standing. A few people were going for it in their seats (especially when the "hits" came on like Friday and BDC) but it looked quite precarious up the top.

Sound was good and loud but not too loud (although i really should have worn my earplugs) with nice clear bass and drums. I thought Porl's guitar was occasionally a bit quiet in the mix. Robert didn't chat much cos he said he "didn't want to lose his voice". He also made a joke about thinking his ears were ringing but it was the sound of the crowd (or something like that).

I thought the setlist was pretty good. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Fascination Street and Hot Hot Hot - both songs I don't listen to much as I am a bit bored with them.

Tape and Open - good opening although I miss the 3 guitars, bas and drums just for the look of it.
Fascination street - huge groove, surprised me
alt.end - surprised me - quite good live
the blood - excellent - electric acoustic guitars! Pic of an amphitheatre in the background
the walk - porl playing the keyboard bits, good groove
end of the world - I don't like this one so time for a rest and crowd watching
lovesong and pictures of you - really good. Nice visuals of the single sleeves behind the lights - similar for several other songs on the night. Pictures had some of the "sparkly" keyboard bits - dunno if it was a tape or something triggered by Jason
Lullaby - good groove, Robert playing keyboard bits with mixed success
Hot hot hot - another surpise at how good it was - great dancing music and excellent playing by Porl
Push - one I hadn't heard live - good response from crowd
in between days - good
Friday - not one of my faves but got most people dancing in their seats
Just like heaven - good again
If only tonight we could sleep - change of tempo, you could see who knew it and who was baffled
The Kiss - first major highlight for me - started with Robert playing and Porl offstage for first 2-3 mins. I thought it was going to be a solo version then he came onstage. Completely awesome and worth the price of admission alone!
Shake Dog Shake - another good opener
Never Enough - just Porl playing and Robert singing - very good
From the edge of the deep green sea - awesome again - you could see who was into "Wish" in a big way buy how they were dancing
Wrong Number - surprisingly good - not one of my faves again but good for a groove and some guitar madness
One Hundred Years - another highlight, very powerful
Shiver and Shake - awesome! I got carried away and nearly forgot to write it down!
End - very good - my knees and back were really starting to hurt by now so iwas looking forward to a short rest before encores. They had played for around 2 hours by now

Encore 1 -
Plainsong - great surprise! Again, had some sparkly bits from a tape (I think). Porl played moast of keyboard bits on his guitar. Surprisingly good
Disintegration - highlight number 3 for me. He didn't forget or change the words, reasonably fast version and a few of the breaking window effects too. Very powerful
Faith! - really good. I don't think I have seen this live either - great crowd respnse and pic of a church in the background

Encore 2 - I was expecting the "pop" trilogy (CTM, LGTB, WCIBY) and was pleasantly surprised
3IB, Fire in Cairo, BDC - all awesome. BDC had nearly everyone dancing in the seats again. Lotsa people singing fire in cairo
Jumping someone elses train - great stuff - they had the train video playing in the background through the song. They finished before the train got there and Robert said something like "we have to wait for it to get there" before launching into
Grinding halt - frenetic and energetic
10.15 & Killing an arab - great again. I was hoping they would come back for a third encore but didn't know what they would play as they had been there nearly 3 hours by now

Encore 3 -
A Forest - not the super-long version of the Wish tour but great nonetheless. Robert said bye to everyone and looked pretty pleased at the crowd response. He also said "see you again" so we can live in hope.

Overall a great show for a fan and my friends who aren't as obsessive as me enjoyed it a lot too. Very happy - I just wish my body would stop aching (no dancing fitness any more) and my ear would stop ringing. I will put some pics up if they turned out any good (from a camera phone).



thanks for the great review.. sounds like it was an amazing show.

can't wait to hear it too...  :D


thanks for the review mike..i feel like i was there while reading you review :rocker

Faith!!! Wowww! :smth023
"Thick As Shit"


Datemi un cielo per caderci dentro!
LADY, la luce nel mio buio!


Now my ears have regained some degree of usefulness I have started to listen to my recording in detail.Here is a quick sample for you

Pictures Of You - Auckland 14-08-2007

One thing that is very noticeable is the level of the PA volume from early on in the show  till the latter parts.I pretty much remained on the one spot during the whole show and the volume had gone up from a pretty acceptable level as per this sample to physically feeling the air move from the PA and feeling like I was being hit by a hammer in the chest by the bass and kick drum in the latter parts.And all this while i was as far as I could get on the floor to the stage.




Any chance to share or trade this show with us in lossless !!!



Thanks a lot for this rybian, adds to the memory.  Now if only you could upload... :-D


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cool an recording of this show!!
can't wait to hear it.. :)
in any format is welcome too!! :D
Oh that boy is a slag the best u ever had , the best u ever had is just a memory and those dreams but weren't daft as they seem , not as daft as they seem..oh my love when u dreamed them up..oh flo where did u go .. oww ohh(F.A)



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That's the ringtone on my phone (All Cats Are Grey)

Haha, thats brilliant...... but how do you know when youre phones ringing? Itd be too slow and quiet.... I bet you never answer youre phone, you just like to listen to the ringtone for 4 minutes instead, i know i would.  :-D


would be great if you could upload this show in lossless format :smth020
its nice to be nice


Quote from: strange_day on August 15, 2007, 17:06:38

Haha, thats brilliant...... but how do you know when youre phones ringing? Itd be too slow and quiet.... I bet you never answer youre phone, you just like to listen to the ringtone for 4 minutes instead, i know i would.  :-D

My 4 year old knows the second half of the song, just from my phone ringing.  Once the phone rings, she sings along:

In the caves
All cats are grey
In the caves
The textures coat my skin
In the death cell
A single note
Rings on and on and on