How was your day?

Started by Ulrich, December 21, 2013, 13:44:09

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How was your day?

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Australian Open.  The only sporting event I watch solidly every year.  Total tennis coma!  :1f635:  Another 5-setter yesterday, with a young local favourite who's been plagued by injuries for years, taking it to a current Top Ten player and only just running out of steam at the end.  If I was a nail biter, I'd not have any fingernails left.  So much excellent tennis on at the moment, with lots of Australian talent too - and sitting inactive for such long long periods can leave one feeling like one is at the bottom of the ocean in a deep-dive capsule, at the end of the day...  :1f635:

But it's only a fortnight like this.  Thank goodness I don't like to watch any other sporting events.  We do switch on the Tour de France mid-year but purely for background - for the landscape, not the cyclists, who're probably all doped up with illegal substances anyway - I've not enjoyed watching them since Lance Armstrong set a record for cheating way back when - with the exception of when Cadel Evans was in it.
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My day (so far) has been tiring... my legs feel as if I walked 10 miles yesterday... tired... (blame it on vaccination).
Edit: after a nap, I took a walk, when I got home I was tired again -> another nap! :1f634:
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