so many shows, not enough hard drive

Started by crowbi_wan, March 05, 2006, 05:57:11

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well, i broke down and bought a bigger hd today.  with all the shows being shared here and somone going wild on, my current hd was just to full.  also, found a sweet deal on 100 pack blank cds!  i bought 200.  yikes i'm going to be busy.  

as i mentioned, there is a very kind soul on dime.  for those of you that are seeking flac, and/or having a difficult time getting in the torrent tracker, i suggest you check dimeadozen.


It's funny !!!!

I bought a bigger hard drive too !!!!


it's not that long ago that i bought a new 250 GB external hard drive but it's already filling up at an alarming rate...  i'm already starting to worry about how long that'll actually do (absolutely crazy!).

however, i always burn cd/dvd copies of everything important just in case - after all you never know when your drives decide that crashing is fun...

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