Have you taken pictures of the current tour?

Started by dsanchez, February 23, 2008, 17:54:34

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Did you go to a Cure show and took some photos? Share with the community your best pictures!

1. Register in the Gallery (click in "Register" in the top-right of the page). We suggest you to use the same user/password as in the forum.

Note: If you registered in curefans.com before 2010, you can use the same user/password as in the forum, it should work!

2. To upload photos to the 2012 album just follow this link (of course, you must be logged-in before) and then select
Add > Add photos from the menu.

3. If you have any technical problems, contact us

Thanks for sharing :smth023
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


hello everyone,
and please keep live pics in the gallery section! :D

anyway, before uploading live pics to the gallery, please check if there is a folder named after this particular gig.
if yes, then upload your pics to this folder (not to the parent folder  'european tour 2008').
if there's no folder yet, please contact the staff and we'll create the folder for you.

this way we can keep the gallery organized and everyone who is viewing the gallery will know which pic comes from which gig. :!:
otherwise we'll have a big random collection of pics with no idea which gig they all are from.

thanks for everyone!
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