Equipment to tape a concert

Started by dsanchez, March 05, 2007, 16:44:18

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Now you're gonna need some good mics to go along with it. :D


Quote from: lostflower4 on May 29, 2007, 19:56:36
Now you're gonna need some good mics to go along with it. :D

I thought this comes with an incorporared mics already, which I guess are not so good :)

Any recommendations? How much are we talking about? :)


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That is like asking what shoes are the best or if you are over on the "other" cure site like asking what football team will be champions.  Each person will have a different opinion, and each person will say that their opinion is the best.

I use Core Sound Binaurals with a bass roll off filter/battery box.  I love them with the exception of 2 things, both pertaining to the battery box.  First, it is a bit bulky.  And second, it is metal.  I haven't tried to get it through a metal detector yet, and can only assume I won't make it through.

I think Brian uses Sonic Studios, Caley will recommend some in ear mics, some will swear by Church all is in what you prefer.


I don't think the iRiver has any built-in mics. But you're right, built-in mics suck anyway. :roll:

I don't think you'd want to go any lower than Core Sounds. They're probably the least expensive really good mics out there:

However, I've been very impressed by these lately. They're not cheap! :oops:

Yeah, I've been fond of Soundman OKM-II Rock mics, but maybe not quite as much as I used to be. They're a little bit more expensive than Core Sounds. I think they've changed their models now, though:

There's other good stuff too, but I'm not really familiar with everything. I do know that the three I've mentioned have all produced some really nice recordings.


Yeah, I'm using Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > PA-6LC2.  One Cure taper mentioned that this combo does not trigger metal detectors  :smth023  Being that the mics can pass as earbuds, just hold the batter box (PA-6LC2) in your palm and tell any suspicious security guys they are just that. 

I taped Interpol the other day and will post a sample when I get home.  Sonics Studios ROCK  :rocker :smth020

The CS HEBs Caley mentioned are better, but I don't think by much.  Really, as long as you have a decent mic it comes down to knowing the venue and where to stand.   


Some samples from both sets of mics I own, recorded in various locations.

Interpol -Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > PA-6LC2 (roll-off @ 85Hz). 15' from the left stack at an outdoor amphitheater.

Silversun Pickups -Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > PA-6LC2. 10' from the left stack in a small theater.

Placebo -Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > PA-6LC2.  20' from the right stack of a large club.

The Ataris -Giant Squid Audio Labs omnis > GSAL battery box w/ fixed roll-off.  Dead center between the stage and soundboard of a small club.

Silversun Pickups -Giant Squid Audio Labs omnis > GSAL battery box w/ fixed roll-off.  3/4 back from stage, just in front of the board in a large arena.


One thing to note about my Giant Squid mics and Jeff's Core Sound mics, the battery box is fixed to the mics.  Not sure about the Cores, the Squids can be made with a mini stereo plug.  I wish I would've gone that route and purchased my battery box from another company.  Here's a few stealthy battery boxes with adjustable bass roll-off

You can also find some nice mics fro these sites.  I was going to get these until I stumbled upon the DSM-6S/L  8)

Ah yes, keep an eye on the taperssection Yard Sale,7.0.html

Good luck David.  And please feel free to ask any questions.  Or if there's a certain type of mic your are looking at I'm sure someone here has a recording or can find one that used said mic.   


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At least give 'em a dub... :lol:


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Yup....Caley found the only circulating picture of me heading into the London 06 show.  And everyone wonders how I got all of the audio and video equipment in.


I was looking for the Giant Squid Audio Lab mics in this page

is there any in special you can recommend me? The prices are reasonable. Others are too expensive.


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About Giant Squid Audio Lab, here's something that's not widely known. All of the battery boxes that guy sells come with fixed bass roll-off. He doesn't make this clear at all. In fact, he charges $2 extra to have it set as fixed. But the truth is, it's always fixed no matter how you order it! I find this very deceptive, but I think the mics are pretty decent for the price range.

So what I would recommend. Get these:

But be sure to get this option:

Make my mics disconnectable from the battery box!

It costs $15 extra, but this way you can unplug the mics and use a different battery box (to get a better sound).

I think any of these battery boxes will work with the mics:

Brian recorded a lot of shows with the bass roll-off. I think they sound good, but they don't have much bass. With a different battery box, I think they would sound much better!

With the setup I suggested, you could get this all for about $150.

If you can come up with $230, though â€" I think this would be even better:


I use core sound binaurals with a battery box that has a switchable bass roll off.  Loud shows definitely need the roll off.  I recorded Sepultura, Down, Hatebreed, etc, all with the roll off.  Without the roll off, the mics clip almost the entire show (my Sepultura show's sound isn't very good). 

The Cure however, are hard to predict.  I personally record them using a -20 dB attenuator cable plus the bass roll off.  The result is a bit quieter, with less bass, but without the bass roll off there are points during some songs where Simon really blasts the bass and the mics will clip.  I highly recommend the CSB's!!!

Caley-  I would like your opinion here.  I think you have a few shows of mine and can vouch for shows with the attenuator cable and without.  Not sure if you have any with bass roll off on vs. on.  Compare them to Brian's rig.  Not a competition here....just an honest comparison.  I have some of Brian's recordings and the sound fantastic....however I am tone deaf so my opinion is shit!


I don't know what your trick is Jeff, but the last recording I heard of yours had MEGA bass even though the filter was on. :lol:

Part of the clipping problem you have is that the MicroTrack automatically has a +20 dB gain boost. I know you can use the attenuator to bring it back down to a neutral 0, but I don't think the levels on the MicroTrack go all the way down to 0. I know that with the Edirol, you can set the input volume from absolute nothing to absolute maximum and everything in between.

My critique of your recordings? I know you had the roll-off filter turned off during the main part of London '06, and it sounded more full. Then you turned it on during the encores, and it sounded thin by comparison. You didn't have an attenuator then, and you were close to clipping many times during that show. However, The Cure doesn't really play that loud compared to a lot of bands, so it worked out.

From what I remember, you told me you recorded the She Wants Revenge show with the attenuator and no roll-off. I think it turned out excellent. And I'm pretty sure you did Sepultura before you had an attenuator, so the roll-off was necessary to keep your levels down. But if had you had the attentuator back then, I think the filter could have stayed off.

I've only heard a handful of recordings by both you and Brian, so it's hard to say which is better. I know Brian's recordings suddenly got better with Sonics, though. I think both Core Sound Binaurals are Sonic Studios DSM6S/L are in a similar league.

Again, I'm not very familiar with the MicroTrack and its levels settings. I just know that CSBs can handle very high sound pressure levels, so I would think you could just turn your input down more and leave the filter off â€" but I have no way to test this idea.



Caley's recommendation regarding getting the Giant Squids and being able to remove the battery is key.  Do not get it fixed.  Do not even get a battery box from GSAL.  The mics are great for the price, but get a battery box from Sound Professionals or Microphone Madness.


Your last recording was one of the best things I've heard in a while.  Yeah, there's a lot of bass, but the sound is fantastic and the low end can be brought down with EQ.  Keep on doing what you did  :smth023