The Cure artwork

Started by Cure Freak, September 15, 2007, 15:26:20

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Hi, CF... you're drawings are absolutely wonderful!! :smth045  To me portraits are the most difficult subjects to draw.  Wish I had your talent, my dear!  ;)

:smth023 :smth023 :smth023
"And I shiver and shake
When I think of how you make me hate"

Cure Freak

Thank you  LuvURobert . :smth001


Oh, I really like them. They're good, great job.
But I think I get a bit confused, am I seducing or being seduced?

Cure Freak

thank you AlluivialL  :smth001

I'm planning on drawing Mary, if I can get a recent pic of her.


Nice pictures, i wish i had the patience to be an artist

You planning for that to be your career?...... i would.  :D

Carnage Visor

CureFreak, get out there now! LOL

Get out and flaunt that awesome talent!  :-D

Those are beautiful pictures, such character, such delicate and intricate details you put in, I love how the face fades at the corners, so we focus more on the face than the entire physique...very mystical and dreamy. The images themselves have a life of their own, apart from looking like living beings, you create such rythm in your pieces...

How long have you been drawing these particular guys? I'd like to see some early Cure drawings.

In fact, I think there should be a fan art section on this site!  ;)


Wow that's a wonderful drawing Cure Freak. You are really talented.
I wish i could draw, but i can't :(


Awesome, thats like a stained glass window effect going on there.... intentional or not, it looks cool  8)

Cure Freak

silversand~ Thank  you. Anyone can draw. You just have to have the pateince, dedication and , mosty, of all practice. :smth001

strange_day  ~ Thank you. I have two drawing styles. This one, which I've  started doing around 10 years ago and the realistic style.
I would love to post my other drawings, of this style. My web site is under recontruction or I would have given the link  so you can see. I just don't want to give the staff the impression I'm spammig or "selling myself" here.


you're welcome Cure Freak  :)
Okay, if i have the time and quiet i will try to draw a picture  :)

Cure Freak

Quote from: silversand on October 17, 2007, 22:49:51
you're welcome Cure Freak  :)
Okay, if i have the time and quiet i will try to draw a picture  :)

Glad to hear that you are going to. But, it will take a lot of practice and dedication to draw the way you want to.


The work you did is amazing Cure Freak! You're great!  :smth023

Cure Freak