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Started by crowbi_wan, March 26, 2009, 18:11:09

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Quote from: crowbi_wan on March 26, 2009, 18:11:09
Thanks to jbud1980 for suggesting this.  :smth023

It's contest time once again at!  With the Las Vegas show rapidly approaching, we're wondering what you think The Cure's set will consist of.  Pop classics?  A dark dream?  Perhaps some b-sides or other oddities?  Let us know by selecting up to 35 songs in the order you think they will be played.  The staff has come up with a scoring system to determine who made the closest guess. 

Deductions are as follows:

-1: song out of order by one spot
-2: song out of order by two spots
-3: song out of order by three or more spots
-4: for not selecting a song that was played
-5: selecting a song that wasn't played

Complicated?  Maybe.  But hey, the staff is going to be tallying up the scores, not you.  ;)

And with a contest there should be a prize, right?  Well, we've got something pretty cool to award the winner.

1st place will get a 4:13 Dream lithograph signed by Robert Smith.

2nd place will receive a DVD of the recent NME concert in London [TV Broadcast]

So please, submit your list here. 


1-No more than 35 songs.
2-Place the songs in the order you think they will be played.
3-Please state what you think the total time of the concert will be.  This will be used in case there's a tie. 

Deadline to enter is April 15th.

Check the current guesses in a spreadsheet file

Awesome prizes! I am extremely pumped to win, but best of luck to us all!  :-D



underneath the stars
pictures of you
the perfect boy
the reasons why
the walk
the end of the world
real snow white
hungry ghost
from the edge of the deep green sea
the only one
wrong number
sleep when i'm dead
friday i'm in love
inbetween days
just like heaven
the scream
one hundred years
it's over    

Encore 1:
boys don't cry
jumping someone else's train
grinding halt
10:15 saturday night
killing an arab

Running time: 2h21m
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


Here is what I think it will be based on what I have seen on there past lists.

1. Underneath the stars
2. The Only one
3. The reasons why
4. The end of the world
5. The Bighand
6. The handing garden
7. Charlotte Sometimes
8. This here and now with you
9. The Hungry Ghost
10. The perfect boy
11. Lovesong
12. Pictures of you
13. Lullaby
14. Too Wish impossible things
15. A letter to Elise
16. Sirensong
17. Friday I'm in love
18. Inbetween days
19. Just like heaven
20. From the edge of the deep green sea
21. Sleep when I'm dead
22. Push
23. Wrong Number
24. 100 years
25. It's over

26. The Real Snow white
27. Freak Show
28. Close to me
29. Why can't I be you

30. The Holy Hour
31. Other voices
32. The drowning man
33. Faith

34. Play for today
35. A forest


1. Underneath the Stars
2. Pictures of You
3. Lullaby
4. The Walk
5. Fascination Street
6. The Hungry Ghost
7. To Wish Impossible Things
8. Lovesong
9. The Only One
10. The Figurehead
11. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
12. The Perfect Boy
13. Inbetween Days
14. Just Like Heaven
15. Primary
16. Sleep When I'm Dead
17. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
18. The Kiss
19. Charlotte Sometimes
20. Wrong Number
21. Never Enough
22. Shiver and Shake
23. One Hundred Years
24. It's Over
25. Plainsong
26. Disintegration
27. At Night
28. M
29. Play for Today
30. A Forest
31. Three Imaginary Boys
32. Fire in Cairo
33. Boys Don't Cry
34. 10:15 Saturday Night
35. Killing an Arab

185 minutes. (3:05)


dont forget to tell us the running time of the show...
2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


Quote3-Please state what you think the total time of the concert will be.  This will be used in case there's a tie. 
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Quote from: dsanchez on March 27, 2009, 18:32:29
Quote from: curevideo on March 27, 2009, 18:19:18
well...perfect boy twice is rather unlikely...I meant "a boy I never knew!" at position 14:-))

thanks for your participation
just dont forget to let us know what do you think the duration of the show will be :)

ok, sorry  I forgot that one. Well assuming long versions of faith and forever they will play 3 hours 5 min:-))


I figure it will be close to something like this...

1. underneath the stars
2. want
3. fascination street
4. the only one
5. the reasons why
6. the baby screams
7. push
8. the hungry ghost
9. the end of the world
10. the walk
11. <new song>
12. from the edge of the deep green sea
13. in between days
14. the perfect boy
15. primary
16. pictures of you
17. <new song>
18. a forest
19. shake dog shake
20. sleep when i'm dead
21. cut
22. one hundred years
23. the scream
24. it's over
25. freakshow
26. just like heaven
27. close to me
28. why can't i be you?
29. plainsong
30. disintegration
31. boys don't cry
32. jumping someone elses train
33. 10.15 saturday night
34. killing an arab
35. faith

3 hours, 12 minutes.

Now what I would actually want to see... (take note Robert!)

1. shake dog shake
2. piggy in the mirror
3. the hungry ghost
4. torture
5. all i want
6. the real snow white
7. screw
8. kyoto song
9. sirensong
10. secrets
11. at night
12. the reasons why
13. the holy hour
14. other voices
15. switch
16. the hanging garden
17. the figurehead
18. truth goodness and beauty
19. this. here and now. with you
20. lament
21. how beautiful you are...
22. the scream
23. give me it
24. it's over
25. the kiss
26. if only tonight we could sleep
27. fight
28. the baby screams
29. the wailing wall
30. the top
31. accuracy
32. 10.15 saturday night
33. killing an arab
34. forever
35. faith
and all the other voices say,
change your mind, your always wrong...



copy and paste of the troubadour set is my guess


Underneath the Stars
Fascination Street
A Night Like This
A Strange Day
The End of the World
Pictures of You
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
The Only One
Just Like Heaven
Inbetween Days
Friday I'm in Love
Hot Hot Hot!!!
The Perfect Boy
Sleep When I'm Dead
Charlotte Sometimes
One Hundred Years
It's Over

1st Encore

Play for Today
At Night
A Forest

2nd Encore

Close to Me
Why Can't I Be You?

3rd Encore


Concert Length: 2:41


Underneath The Stars
Fascination Street
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
The Walk
Sleep When I'm Dead
A Night Like This
Shake Dog Shake
The Perfect Boy
Maybe Someday
The End Of The World
Just Like Heaven
A Strange Day
The Reason Why
Doing The Unstuck
The Scream
Wrong Number
100 Years
It's Over

The Lovecats
Close To Me
Why Can't I Be You?

Boys Don't Cry
Grinding Halt
Fire In Cairo
Killing Another
Three Imaginary Boys

A Forest


1. Underneath the Stars
2. Pictures of You
3. Prayers for Rain
4. Lullaby
5. alt.end
6. The Walk
7. The End of the World
8. The Reasons Why
9. Love Song
10. The Real Snow White
11. Just Like Heaven
12. The Perfect Boy
33. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
14. The Only One
15. Push
16. Friday I'm in Love
17. In Between Days
18. Sleep When I'm Dead
19. Primary
20. One Hundred Years
21. The Scream
22. It's Over
23. At Night
24. M
25. Play for Today
26. A Forest
27. Freakshow
28. Let's Go to Bed
29. Close to Me
30. Why Can't I Be You?
31. Boys Don't Cry
32. Jumping Someone Else's Train
33. Grinding Halt
34. 10:15 Saturday Night
35. Killing an Arab

Length: 2:50


1 underneath the stars
2 prayers for rain
3 night like this
4 the only one
5 end of the world
6 love song
7 sleep when im dead
8 kyoto
9 pix of you
10 lullaby
11 fasanation street
12 perfect boy
13 from the edge of the deep green sea
14 hot hot hot
15 wrong number
16 real snow white
17 walk
18 push
19 friday im in love
20 hungry ghost
21 in btween days
22 just like heaven
23 one hundred years
24 its over

ecore 1
26 at night
27 m
28 play for today

encore 2
27 freak show
28 close to me
29 wciby

encore 3
30 boys dont cry
31 jumping train
32 grinding halt
331015 saturday night
34 kiling an arab


the show is 2 hours and 57 minutes