Reeves Gabrels Interview (New Tour, Ticketing ...)

Started by Ulrich, May 11, 2023, 15:00:08

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QuoteThe Cure is going all over North America this summer — the first time the band's played the U.S. since 2019. But you toured Europe last year, so I would imagine you're a well-oiled machine by now.
It was not necessarily the easiest tour we had done, but looking back from here it was a really good thing to do. Plus, we had just come out of COVID, we're all wearing masks backstage. ... And so now, we had a week of rehearsal in England just to dust it off and add some songs, and then whenever you change continents, you usually need to do production rehearsals because ... between changes in voltage and the cost of shipping, it makes more sense to use production from North America when we're in North America and Europe when we're in Europe.

How does the Cure typically decide on the set list?
That happens largely between Robert and [bassist] Simon [Gallup]. I think Robert does the broader — he basically writes the set with options. And there's an aspect to it that I do not understand, and I don't want [to]. I kind of like the mystery of it. If song A is included in the set, then song B has to be included in the set. ... I think it has to do with the history that I wasn't part of, like what it was like to be in the studio at that time recording "Boys Don't Cry" or whatever. I kind of have an idea of what the set is going to be from night to night in broad strokes, but there's always a curveball in there, which, I mean, if you look back over my time playing guitar in public, I obviously enjoy a curveball. [Laughs]

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