a bit of history please!

Started by Erik, July 09, 2005, 03:59:47

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Can someone give a bit of background on this site?

How was I included in the mailout (I am quite grateful)

And why duplicate Jim's effort?


From my side I can say -as a big Cure fan-, that after watching many forums over the net, I was not enough satisfied. I never found any Cure forum who was enough ordered, with the right information, with a good classification of the subjects, with a good design. And that's when the idea Curefans.com started.

I really don't think we are duplicating efforts. I would say we are trying to offer a new alternative (if you watch around, there's not any cure forum with this classification).

For instance, if you take type in google "Pink Floyd" you will find a dozen of forums. And I don't think the efforts are there duplicate, but rather they are giving alternatives to the people.

And that's all from my side. I guess Caley will add something :)



Quote from: ErikCan someone give a bit of background on this site?

How was I included in the mailout (I am quite grateful)

And why duplicate Jim's effort?

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I agree with David. This is not an attempt to duplicate anything. Rather, it is our attempt to build something of our own.

I want to create a more laid back atmosphere where people are allowed to speak their mind freely. As long as everyone uses common sense and doesn't cause any real trouble, I think this can be accomplished easily.

Again, not many people know about this at all, so please be patient. Someday this will be a "happening" forum...  

I've actually been hesitant to tell too many people due to the exact thing you mention. I don't want to start a war and make everyone think that this is an attempt to defeat curetrade.

But this is a free country (and a free world for the most part), so there is no reason we cannot pursue this!!!   :D


I would just like to thank both David and Caley in your effoets in setting this up and I am sure your hard work will be rewarded, it is always nice to have more than just one forum dedicated to the band we all love :D
its nice to be nice


Thanks a lot for this new forum and for the chance to expressing us freely about cure-related stuff. It's nice to have choices.

The other forum is good and Jim's effort is acknowledged, but I love the idea of having more sites for speak about one of the best bands around the world 8)

Thanks for your effort Caley and David!!! :D
i'm running out of time i'm out of step and
closing down


Good Luck with this proyect.
I salute every "cure fan" initiative to allow others to express their feelings about this great band. Cheers and onward.

ps: thanks for your invitation.
ps2: which show should i vote for? mmm... .

The Cure en Argentina.
the cure en argentina


Thanks to David and Caley for the invitation to be part of this new space for all cure fans around the world!