the drowning man

Started by [labyrinth], July 22, 2007, 17:53:06

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che ne pensate?
per me è uno dei pezzi più belli che abbiano mai fatto....
terribilmente "soffocante"
con uno dei testi più belli...

she stands twelve feet above the flood
she stares
across the water

the loneliness grows and slowly
fills her frozen body
sliding downwards

one by one her senses die
the memories fade
and leave her eyes
still seeing worlds that never were
and one by one the bright birds leave her...

starting at the violent sound
she tries to turn
but final
slips and strikes her soft dark head
the water bows
receives her
and drowns her at its ease...

i would have left the world all bleeding
could i only help you love
the fleeting shapes
so many years ago
so young and beautiful and brave

everything was true
it couldn't be a story...
i wish it was all true
i wish it couldn't be a story

the words all left me
breathing like the drowning man

oh Fuchsia!
you leave me
breathing like the drowning man
breathing like the drowning man


una delle mie canzoni preferite dei Cure!!!
forse anche la preferita.... :smth020
Datemi un cielo per caderci dentro!
LADY, la luce nel mio buio!


Bella bella!
Nel testo ci trovo echi del mito di narciso e di "The waste land" di T.S. Eliot... :roll:

Oh raga, io e dis siamo da poco tornati dalle vacanze, che tristezza! :cry:
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[color=purple][i]I will kiss you forever on nights like this, I will kiss you, I will kiss you...and we shall be together...[/i][/color]
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io sò rientrato due ore fa...700 km dal trentino... :oops:  :oops:  :oops:
fortunato il popolo che non ha bisogno di eroi