2005.08.18 Avenches - Arenes D'Avenches (Switzerland)

Started by lacrima mosa, August 16, 2005, 15:44:12

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Will anybody be recording tonights and tomorrow's broadcast on Couleur3 FM?  :-D



yep... but Robert?s voice is terrible... maybe he catch a cold...
i never said i would stay to the end


Just recorded the whole avenches broadcast with a good sound, but my computer just crushed down and I lost the whole file :cry:

the second part of the show will be broadcasted tomorrow....

But I am sure some Curefan will put the file soon ;-)



Quote from: bclark93Will anybody be recording tonights and tomorrow's broadcast on Couleur3 FM?  :-D

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Tristan Berlin

:cry:  :cry:  :cry:
I've recorded it too...my computer didn't crash down BUT the file has an error. It's about 2 GB (.wav) and I'm not able to convert it to .mp3 to make it smaller. File can't be read. I don't know why. Hoping for another curefan. :cry:


That is my question, was there a encore after WCIBY? or is Boys Don't Cry played with no encore after WCIBY?


From www.cure-concerts.de:

open, fascination street, from the edge of the deep green sea, the end of the world, the blood, alt.end, shake dog shake, us or them, a night like this, push, friday i'm in love, just like heaven, a letter to elise, lullaby, never enough, signal to noise, the baby screams, one hundred years, end,
E1: at night, m, play for today, a forest,
E2: let's go to bed, why can't I be you?, boys don't cry, 10:15 saturday night


lacrima mosa

they didnt really leave the stage after why cant i be you... they turned aruond while walking away and robert said: 'we actually dont have time for this' and startet boys dont cry...
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maybe I can help...
Can you open it up and edit it in CDWAV?

Make sure you have enough HD space, etc. as its a 2GB file.


Hello everybody, I was in Avenches...
The concert was rich of perls , the encores were amazing...
they missed the keybs of course, but not the passion and the intensity!
And the 2 guitars were really a wonderful show to hear and see.
The show was really powerful in particular in the beginning.
I think it had some faults, but nobody can say they did not put all their passion in playing and I'm sure they were happy to see the people enjoying the concert like in orange 86 (the venue reminded us of that fantastic event in fact...).
I love this site, thanks to you guys who made it possible!

Tristan Berlin

Humm....I don't know realy how. I'm not an expert... :(


Hi everybody,

A friend made a video from Avenches. What is the best way to share some images with all of you ? :smt040


You could be right. I was so freaking Cold in St Malo  :smt009


how about sharing the video...saves u time doing stills....  :smt042

there are enough pictures around aleady



There are a few of us here that could host it on our websites.  The only thing is getting it to us.  How big is the file?  Do you know how to ftp?  Either PM me or email //jeff@alettertoelise.net.  We'll find a way to get that video online!


dont wanna be rude but do you think he wanted to share the video in the first place??????????? i dont think so..... but heh pascal...surprise me....