2019.08.16 Glasgow - Bellahouston Park (Scotland) 'Glasgow Summer Sessions'

Started by dsanchez, October 22, 2018, 20:27:43

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Yes, I was there. Waited a long time to see them in Scotland having lived there from birth till I was 25. Expected more from the Glasgow crowd considering the hype over the 27 years and the Mogwai/Twilight Sad links but having seen The Cure 9 times in 3 different countries, I'd say this was one of the weakest crowds for being into it.

Even Hyde Park were more excitable up the front. See Play for Today for instance. Practically no one humming the synth riff as on the Paris album and recent Rock en Seine show. Even the BST crowd did that. Push was understated as well, despite going off all the time now in London.

Shocking for me to say that a London crowd were better than Glasgow one but I think it must be the case of the number of Cure fans from around the world live in London and bring their energy. Quite a few Cure veterans agreed that it was a fair show in comparison with what they and the crowd are capable of.

Quote from: chemicaloverload on September 04, 2019, 18:55:20The only thing I found awful was a large man from south of the border starting a fight with a 17 year old boy for dancing. So if this is what you're referring to theenglishleft, then you are most certainly correct.