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Started by PearlThompsonsBloodflower, January 03, 2018, 22:52:40

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Well I wasn't there with Adam & Eve, so I am not gonna comment about their romance (or whatever - they didn't have much choice anyway, eh?)...  ;)

But I do understand this sentence:

Quote from: MeltingMan on September 24, 2021, 11:42:55He has always differentiated between the thing and its expression and has warned against overestimating and absolutizing the communication media

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Here's some cartoon Kierkegaard!  :angel

Alice was way more emotionally mature than Kierkegaard and could have taught him a lesson or two on how wrong he was to extrapolate his particular personal perspective as if it inescapably affected all of humanity (which is something quite a few philosophers seem to do and it seems to me, more often from psychological projection than from anything that stands up to rational scrutiny). Also, the choices she made with her life were anything but meaningless and still reverberate around the universe through other people even though she is no longer with us (she really got love and applied it super-generously and in very practical ways - she was to love what a lantern is to light, it shone out of her), but if you're going to think the way that's lampooned in the cartoon, it's going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. (By the way, I enjoy philosophy, it's fabulous for looking at different ideas, perspectives etc, and the most fun of all is to make a synthesis for yourself out of contradictory ideas; and I don't think Kierkegaard was entirely useless. ;))

This one is also hilarious:

...and then there is this...

...and this...

You can get more here:

SueC is time travelling


@ Inbals Tarot

Suddenly far away

How much sense do future statements make when Mercury is retrograde (like now) and gender neutrality is no longer guaranteed? Pure confusion. Only your hypocritical followers may find their way around.


@ Inbals Tarot

Two heavyweights

Except for the 'blond curls' everything applies. I didn't really want to wait fifteen years. 😒

Flow direction

Have you ever watched the wild salmon migrate?!

Annual reading Gemini 2022

It is quite possible that she has untied her knots from the past, but where should I classify her? Is she my friend or foe? I would like to know.


Quote from: WikipediaThe biggest and most hated opponent of the fans from Halle is likely to be 1. FC Magdeburg. [20] The rivalry between the two clubs reached its sad climax in October 2016 when a supporter of Magdeburg's ultra-group Blue Generation fell from a moving train in which he was said to have been beaten by some HFC supporters. It is not yet clear how the incident came about.

In my opinion, the responsibility lies with the club, both with the HFC and with the 1. FCM, as the perpetrator(s) and the circumstances of the death could not be clarified beyond doubt. The victim was accompanied by two people, according to my information. In order to finally settle the case, it would be necessary to put the mutual rivalry aside. You owe that to the dead and his relatives!


Towards the end of the year, I'd like to wish everyone a merry festive season.  :angel

Thanks for all your contributions on CF, both on- and off-topic!  :smth023
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I'm looking forward to next year, but now it's Christmas first. Greetings also go down under. 🎄


Hm, I've always been kinda fond of dogs, but I didn't love them... they were "okay".

Now my relatives got a dog and I love this beast.  ;)
Maybe it's because it likes me without prejudice, just because I'm there (and play with it - the only time this dog is disgruntled, is when I don't wanna play)! :heart-eyes
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@ Inbals Tarot

Libra - time to love

The message in mid-2021 was, if I remember correctly, that a decision was made for a person without informing him/her of it yet. Well, it's at least something. I don't feel dependent on it (yet).


Quote from: UlrichHm, I've always been kinda fond of dogs, but I didn't love them... they were "okay".

I feel the same way. At the moment, certain breeds of hunting dogs seem to be 'in vogue'. In April 2019 I unfortunately had to watch a deer die. A hound had chased it to death. The leash constraint is often disregarded seasonally and regionally. 😕


Quote from: MeltingMan on January 05, 2022, 11:45:51I feel the same way. At the moment, certain breeds of hunting dogs seem to be 'in vogue'.

Fortunately, the one I talked about is more of a "watch dog", looking after the "herd".

(It also goes to the "Hundeschule" on a regular basis.)

Quote from: MeltingMan on January 05, 2022, 11:45:51The leash constraint is often disregarded seasonally and regionally.

Well, the problem is mostly (99%) the humans, not the dogs. If you're not in control of the animal, you are (in theory) not allowed to let it go off the leash.
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It is common practice and happens almost unnoticed, in contrast to the desecration of graves, which unfortunately took place around the turn of the year (the press reported): the clearing of old gravestones. The size and age are irrelevant. It becomes problematic when looking for a specific stone. I only found the place because the grass there was greener (!). With the stone, the identity of the deceased also disappears. As a visitor, you get the impression of a puzzle in which certain parts are missing. Then there are the many individual graves that will be leveled after thirty years anyway. I am not against this, but general clearing should be reconsidered. The marking of 'endangered' gravestones and notification of relatives (if available) is positive and correct, before actually leveling takes place after a certain period of time.


@ Inbals Tarot

Gemini - More Heart - Really Single

There is no other sign of the zodiac that applies the term 'life artist' more than Gemini. This is where Rainer Langhans comes to mind. 'We' don't like purely sexual relationships. They are (theoretically) possible, but not really fulfilling for Gemini if the mental and spiritual level does not fit. We're stuck in the head - like scales.  ⚖️

PS: I'm skeptical as to whether single or 'third party' card reading even makes sense. It's ridiculous, isn't it? Again: I would not send out any negative messages in the generalized collective interpretations that are accessible to everyone. They do more harm than good. You shouldn't abuse your art.


@ Inbals Tarot

Reflection in the reservoir (January 2020)

For reasons unknown to me, this reading was only shown to me now. 😟


Gemini January 2022

Thanks for your valuable hint. 👌🏻

@Chelsea W

Gemini, 01/24/2022

Do you think that 'old souls' use such strategies?!


@ Inbals Tarot

Libra - (It's) MY WAY (or the highway)

A slap in the face for all Crosswatchers. Is this supposed to be 'entertainment'? 😕