wrong number (engaged mix),wrong number (radio edit)

Started by exploding boy, August 13, 2005, 18:07:02

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exploding boy

im searching this mixes long long time, someone have this mixes??

exploding boy
hello friens its great site

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I have a few Wrong Number remixes on mp3

Digital Exchange mix
16b Warm Vocal Remix
Dub Analogue Exchange mix
Single mix
Smith remix
Transparent Sound's Engaged mix
ISDN mix
P2P mix

Not sure if these are want you want

Have you got the Oxford Road Show videos from 1983?


the Oxford vids are in the latest batch of posts in the Downloads section.


I also have "Crossed line" mix from Australian CD single


Probably shouldn't be discussing the trading of official material on this forum guys..

Please take this conversation offline.


I have some in 320kbps, mp3
Crossed Line Mix
Acoustic Mix
Analogue Exchange Mix
Dub Analogue Exchange Mix
16b (Crossed Line) Warm Vocal Mix
Digital Exchange Mix
P2P Mix
Engaged Mix
Radio Mix
Single Mix

Lime Green Lime Green and Tangerine