Meeting point in Paris

Started by dsanchez, March 05, 2008, 12:43:29

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Deal! I'll keep an eye for your eye & the tatooes! Cheers!


I will try to go to this meeting point as soon as we will arrive to Paris just a few hours before the show...


Airneck, what a shame I did not have possibility to meet you...
But with all other people that I met there... It was great! :)


T_T Have a lot of fun!!! T_T
"You made the rain"


Was good to meet a few people. It was a pity I was too drunk - a result of being on my own at Bercy. Anyway thanks to ?, from Copenhagan, for getting me to a taxi! Wish I could've got you a drink back at the second bar. Will get you one back on Thursday!!


It was really good to meet Marika, Tof, David, Brian from Seattle and some others members (sorry i forget there name).
It was very interesting to talk with this lovely people that i knew "without knowing".
Paris was a great moment for me when I meet this people.

I saw no one of them in Antwerpen...

Crying at the funeral party...


Yeah it was good fun, all these people!! I'll post some pics I made of the whole group soon too, for all the good memories ;)



Time pass so fast that scares me. Almost one year ago after this meeting, I came back to Les Furieux with Druide and other Cure and Sisters of Mercy fans. This nice bar closes weekends (friday and saturday) so I hope next time Cure plays in Paris, they will do it one of these days...

Hey Druide, nice to meet you :smth023 and very jealous that you saw them in Orange!!!!!! :shock:
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