Original framed print: Robert Smith self portrait

Started by AnotherJourneyByTrain, July 19, 2008, 20:54:42

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(For a detailed explaination of the red numbers, please see the auction Link:

Rare original print Robert Smith self portrait The Cure
1990 - Professionally framed, limited edition #239/1250

This is a limited edition, high quality print of a painting by Robert Smith. This is an self-portrait Robert painted in 1990 with handwritten lyrics below that became "A letter to Elise" on Wish.

This is #239 in a limited edition, hand-numbered run of 1250. Dimensions are approx. 21" X 27".

From Artrock.com:

About 10-12 years ago I got a phone call from Bruce Fingerette
who handled a lot of the merchandising for the Cure. It seems that
someone had given Robert Smith some paints and such, and he actually
tried his hand at visual art. This is one of his first pieces that he
did. Bruce knew that I specialized in limited edition prints and was
savvy to and most interested in printing techniques. Because of this he
asked me if I wanted to do a limited edition of a Robert Smith
self-portrait. Upon seeing the art, I jumped at the chance, and as you
can see, it turned out quite well. In fact, this poster was printed at
Tea Lautrec, the now near legendary printer who did most of the
original Bill Graham posters, starting in the 1960s. Also note that
each print is individually numbered to ensure the integrity of the run.

Originally purchased in 1991 from Artrock. The frame alone cost $75.

This is a high-quality brushed aluminum frame with a clear, scratch-free Plexiglas front.

There are only a few of these prints available from the original distributor, and they currently sell for $250. The print has quintupled in value (5x!) over the past 17 years and continues to go up in value. Not only is this a great looking print to display, but it's also a great investment in a low-numbered limited edition piece of art.

For more information, please click the link to the auction, here:

Rare original print Robert Smith self portrait The Cure
1990 - Professionally framed, limited edition #239/1250


I have a numbered copy of this rare Robert Smith painting. It is still in the box and has never been used with the exception then to validating the contents. I recently found it during a move and might be forced to sell it (even though it kills me). If anyone is interested in buying one, let me know!


I adore this abstract piece, I can understand why it pains you to part with it
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