Curefans Under 16?

Started by mothtoaflame, September 06, 2009, 18:20:11

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Hey Limetime :) I'm also "old" ...ish ;)  and I can completely agree with what David says. Even now, my "normal" friends are frustrated with me at times. It can be hard, feeling a bit lonely with your music addition, the cool thing about this though is that The Cure really stays with you for life  :) It never gets boring. Really! As for the boy - oh well, if he doesn't get you, than he is not the one for you, I'd say!  ;)


Hey Lifetime,
Don't worry about it, I'm 34 years old, I was also for a long time the only Curefan, but now it seems that my husband and 13 years old son has the same microbe sometimes :)
First was Lullaby the favourit from my HB and Friday I'm in Love for my son, now it's Push for my HB and Plastic Passion for my son, it's getting better  :smth020
Here your never alone  :)
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I just turned 16 a week ago, but I've been a fan of The Cure since I was 12.. and I have never met anyone my age who likes The Cure, either  :(
I talk about The Cure a lot! seriously, my family is so annoyed because I only talk about bands and band members all day :P  but I mostly talk about Cure and Placebo, because they're my two favourite bands..they say I'm obsessed.. well, yeah.. I think I am  :smth020


hi guyze!
I have loved The Cure since the age of 10. I'm turning 13 in April.
My talks showing my obsession started within months after I had started listening to them.
My mom gets angry and annoyed that Im only focused on them..

OKAY... Everything I see and decide to find more about them I become obsessed in a few months, since a little girl... Like six five years...

It's SOOOO hard to find someone my age who likes them! :'(
I found two or three people in the forums of Cheeseformice but barely log in, dammit.
But in this site is now easier.
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Heyy I'm 16! I'm a beginner fan and am looking forward to it!!!  popcorn  :smth020

My name is Jojo and i'm from the USA! I'm glad to be here! None of my friends irl like them so I hope to make some friends!!!


I don't log in to this site very much, despite my desperation of trying to find Curefans my age.  :roll:

My birthday is in a week (April16) and I'm gonna be finally 13.

Two of my best friends; one who loves One Direction and the other Three Days Grace have started to like them, but not as much as I do, which still kinda makes things hard for me when it comes to talking about them.

I'm crossing my fingers to find a Curefan around 10-13 here, really. Most of the Curefans here that I've seen are 16-50 and it makes me feel awkward.  :?

Also, I do very weird talks, and those include Robin Gallith stuff (fan-fiction/art etc.), my weird dreams (I had one not too long ago where Robert wandered around his house naked xD) etc.
So I dont think most Curefans here might understand my obsessed Cure POV :/
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