Cure fans in North Carolina?

Started by Felizcelestial, June 04, 2016, 10:54:45

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The band is coming to Charlotte THIS MONTH, but I don't actually know any other Cure fans! Are u out there?!?!?


6 months too late for the Charlotte gig (so good, wasn't it?), but curious where in NC you are? I'm in Raleigh, if you ever fancy a fangeek meetup!


Hey, Funky, tell me a little bit about urself. Might be fun to meet up. I'm in Charlotte.


And, yes, the show was amazing! Hadn't seen them since wild mood swings tour. I was also at the concert where they recorded 'Show,' which was the Wish tour. Lucked out on that one. Who would have guessed they'd pick Michigan to do a live album? Paris? Yes. Auburn Hills, Michigan? What?!?!