Selling WISH 1992 TOUR/DREAM 2000 TOUR 'ROSE' Pendants

Started by pelegirl5284, March 29, 2017, 23:41:02

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Hello Fellow Cure Fans!

I thought I would share that I am currently selling 3 Cure Tour Pendants. First is the WISH TOUR 'BIRD' PENDANT, Second is another WISH PENDANT, and third is the DREAM 2000 TOUR 'ROSE' PENDANT. I've ran into a money issue that leaves me with few options, so this is unfortunately one of them.

They are all in great condition. I will be putting these on Ebay pretty soon, but I thought I would bring this to a Cure Message Board before throwing them out there into the great unknown. If you are interested in these, please message me. I mainly use PayPal, as I've found it most secure for both seller and buyer. 

I've attached pictures so you can see their condition. Thanks!


Hi ! I would like to buy the Wish bird from you and will pay a very good price. I prefer bank transfer. Please send me a personal message so that we can work something out. Thank you & best wishes !


Hello I am interested in both Wish Tour pendants, can you pm prices please ? Many thanks



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