Christmas shopping: The Cure 10 postcards

Started by komakino, October 31, 2017, 11:52:12

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Christmas gift to surprise a friend in his X-MAS stocking on Boxing Day.

POST-PUNK CARDS an historic collection of rare images.

This series of cards contains 10 photos of The Cure, taken at 3 separate gigs during their early days and includes the relevant liner notes.  The photos were taken prior to the launch of their second album 17 Seconds with their massive world hit, A Forest.
During the free, open-air pop festival, New Pop, in Rotterdam, the 3 Imaginary Boys were still an unknown band. Several months later, the new 4-member line-up were well-rehearsed from touring the Dutch club circuit, which kicked off at the Melkweg in Amsterdam.
This  tour of May 1980 was the last opportunity to see The Cure performing in a small venue. By the end of the tour, their popularity would catapult them into international fame and secure them a place in British music that continues up to the present day.

limited and numbered edition of 250 copies
includes 10 cards with band photos and 1 info card with additional liner notes
size A6 (14,8 x 10,5 cm)
language English
wrapped in a cellophane envelope with printed sticker supplied with an unique number
the numbered copy will be related to the sequence of payment
will be shipped in an airbag envelope
catalogue number P-PC[1] - 2017

€15,00 excl. shipping costs

shipping costs
the Netherlands: €2,50 shipping costs without tracking number
International: €4,00 shipping costs without tracking number