The Cure 40th Anniversary: London Fan Meeting

Started by dsanchez, March 12, 2018, 12:30:05

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On Friday there were several delays on flight and tube so I went to Crawley Sunday morning instead of friday but I was with some friends in Hawley Arms and Dingwalls for Curehead show and yes It was really nice and we had a very lovely time!The main trouble was the bloody hot weather..onestly it s been very hard to reach somebody everywhere  XD . personally I was queing at 9.30 a.m so..yes no was the same for most fans..


I had a great time meeting Curefans as well  :) :cool
Before leaving Fridaymorning I was a little nervous because I was leaving on my own but that didn't take long because during check-in @ Brussels I met some Curefans already and so it started with fun and then we had the same train back again so we spent time here and there during the whole weekend. Going to the fanmeeting and @ the meeting @ Hawley Arms I met genuinly nice people as well and @ the festival too..really! It was unbelievable and I am still floathing a bit in the sky from the whole experience :heart-eyes Lots of people where smiling and nice  :) It is extraordinary to share these intense emotions for this band with likeminded people. 

I didn't manage to go to The Cure aftershow party. Did anybody go there? And how was it?