2023.07.01 Miami, FL Miami-Dade Arena (USA)

Started by dsanchez, March 11, 2023, 20:36:27

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2023.11.22 Lima
2023.11.27 Montevideo


Last concert of this leg of the tour!

("When the concert was announced in March 2023, the venue was called Miami-Dade Arena.
In April 2023, the venue was renamed Kaseya Center.")

Pictures Of You
A Fragile Thing
A Night Like This
And Nothing Is Forever
Charlotte Sometimes
Play For Today
A Forest
Shake Dog Shake
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

I Can Never Say Goodbye
Prayers For Rain

The Lovecats
The Walk
Friday I'm In Love
Close To Me
Why Can't I Be You?
In Between Days
Just Like Heaven
Boys Don't Cry
10:15 Saturday Night
Killing An Arab

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A review:

QuoteIn one of the hottest, most anticipated shows of the summer, The Cure meandered into Miami on a sultry Saturday night in early July. The Cure ended a 26-city North American tour at the Kesaya Center in Miami, their first tour in 7 years.

It started May 10th in New Orleans.

On its first tour since 2016, their last visit to Miami they played two shows at Bayfront park, this show started promptly at the Kaseya Center at 8:10pm. People arrived early, the show started on time (again very weird for Miami) and a long night of music began, a two-and-a-half hour musical journey, spanning decades of material and an amazing 30 songs.

The Cure played 14 songs, then took a 5-minute break before an encore.

Highlights of the first set included "Pictures of You," "Lovesong," and "Charlotte Sometimes."

The first encore included 5 songs, sort of slow, and listed below. Then they stepped aside for a few and came back for a second encore that kept the sold-out show on their feet for a whopping eleven more songs. It was epic.

And another:

QuoteAfter the Twilight Sad wrapped up its brief set, the patter of rain played over the speakers for half an hour. At 8:15, the house lights dimmed, and bright stars illuminated the backdrop behind the stage as the six members of the Cure walked out to cheers. The loudest roar came when singer Robert Smith's distinctive silhouette appeared.

As the band went into the extended instrumental intro for "Alone," Smith slowly strolled around the stage, eating up the applause. When he finally took to the microphone, you could see why there could be no wasted movements. Every ounce of energy was used to interpret his poetic lyrics and emote feelings of love, sadness, and joy to a rapt crowd. Remarkably, Smith's voice can still sound the same as on the recordings from 30 to 45 years ago.

After 90 minutes, the band left the stage for a few minutes without a word, only to march back on to play five more songs, eventually leaving the stage again and coming back a minute later to rip through the most massive of their hits. "Here's a song we haven't played in I don't know how long. Let's see how it goes," Smith said before the Cure faithfully interpreted the jazz-tinged track "The Lovecats."
I'm walking slowly and quickly, but always away...


UGHHHHH i really wish i couldve went and i love all those songs. its really "close to me" and when i first heard about it i wasnt a huge fan as i am now. I am so JEALOUS of everyone who went, i wish i could've seen robert in my own eyes and see him sing and dance. i see videos of him in miami and UGH I WIIIISSHHHH I COULDVE WENTTTT SO ENVIOUSSSSS
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Quote from: Curehead_steffa on May 03, 2024, 16:20:52its really "close to me" and when i first heard about it i wasnt a huge fan as i am now.

Sorry to hear, that is bad luck really.

For years, I felt sorry about having missed those gigs "nearby" in 1987 and 1989.
Somehow I had my "happy end" when I finally saw them in 1992 and several times after. Plus another "happy end" was hearing much of "Disintegration" being performed at the show in 2016!
Hope you will get your "happy end" too!  :cool
I'm walking slowly and quickly, but always away...