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Started by dxsfx49, June 15, 2023, 15:09:19

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Hi there, I have an extensive Cure collection I have been collecting for nearly 33 years. Due to financial hardship as of late I have been burdened with having to let go of some of my most precious, cherished items. Of course I use, but that hasn't been updated in years. After The Cure's induction to The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame naturally everything has spiked. The collection I have is quite valuable because I had the foresight it would be thanks to Bananafish17 learning me at such a young age. Now unfortunately I've run out of time and cannot sit on my investment any longer even though it will double, triple and quadruple over the next coming years. I just want to make sure that I get proper value for my items before they're all gone and it's too late. Is there any updated site besides and Record Collector magazine?


If I were you, I'd check "". Also, records which are listed (sold) e.g. on "Ebay" can give an indication of what they might be worth.

For example, I found out what my 12" of "Charlotte Sometimes" might be worth (average of 29 euro), via discogs:
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I'm familiar with, Thanks been on  there for 16 years.


Quote from: dxsfx49 on June 15, 2023, 15:09:19s there any updated site besides and Record Collector magazine?
As @Ulrich mentioned, Discogs is the place to go to get a good idea about how much a record is worth. Good luck!
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