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A German, thats me, wanna have a CURE Tatoo !!!

Started by Toki Sen, August 25, 2014, 13:47:53

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Toki Sen

Hey all, and greatings from Germany  :smth023

Now, i am a "normal" Guy with no Hairs on my Head, and i am listening just the Cure ( 90 % )

3 or 4 Songs below to my very Favorit TOP 10 Songs, and so i wanna immortalize "THE  CURE" on my Body!!

So now my Problem, what shall be the motive ?????

My most Favorit Song is "A Forest" - and i am thinking a, or more Trees are a good Basis, but what else???

If someone can help my with, maybe Fotos or Paintings, u will made me very HAPPY.

Thank U all and dont forget the LOVE in LIFE !!!

Its the greatest POWER on EARTH !


hello and welcome to!

I think this topic is the best for what you're looking for

good luck in finding the right tattoo :)
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Toki Sen